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Thrust or compressive motion.

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Do convergent motion occurs where two plates push together?

yes it does

How would you describe the Motion of plates in a convergent boundary?

Moving together

An example when two continental plates come together?

The collision of the Indian and Eurasian Plates, creating the Himalayan Mountain Range.

What is a reverse fault in science?

The crack or line between two plates that are pushing together.

What is it called when two plates move towards each other When they move together What is the motion called?

Two plates coming together is known as a convergent boundary.

Describe the three types of plate motion and the faults that are characteristic of each motion?

One of the three types of plates are the transform plates slip past each other. The convergent plates push together. The divergent plates pull away from each other.

What direction do plates move when creating a volcano?

They can move apart or in some rare cases together.

What is happening to the plate at the Himalayan mountains?

Two plates are being smashed together creating the Himalayas.

How do reverse faults and normal faults move?

In a reverse fault, compression (plates crashing together) causes the hanging wall to move up. In a normal fault, tension ( plates pulling apart) causes the footwall to push up.

What would happen if 2 continental plates came together?

Well it depends. Like if the plates slid next to each other you would get a earthquake sometimes creating volcanic reaction therefore making an island. Or if the plates smashed together, you'll get a mountain.

How does the motion of tectonic plates relate to continental drift?

Continental drift is the theory that "plates" on the Earth are constantly in motion and have been for millions of years. Tectonic plates are the actual moving plates.

What type of motion occurred between the two plates?

A convergent boundary can form between two plates and a divergent boundary can be created between two plates, then two plates rubbing together create earthquakes, many are very minor. A convergent boundary is two plates pushing together to form a mountain, hill, or volcano. Divergent plates move apart and create canyons and stuff.

What keeps Earth in motion?

plates keep earth in motion

How was Japan's flood caused?

Two tectonic plates collided together and then one was forced up creating a massive wave of destruction.

What occurs where plates with continental crust push together?

Two colliding continental plates will cause an uplift. An example would be the Indian sub-continent colliding with Asia creating the Himalaya mountains.

What is plate motions?

Motion of plates

What causes the plates motion?

it is tension

What happens when plates come together?

They fold up when there continental, creating mountains and steep hills. The Rocky's are a great example. Oceanic plate collisions cause tsunamis, and Oceanic plates are subducted under Continental plates, they are overlapped by the continental plate.

What force squeezes or pushes the crust together?

Convection cells of magma, circular currents of heating and cooling which increases (cooling) or decreases (heating) density. The Circular motion pulls the plates (away )apart at one point which results with a counter motion of the plates "pushing" into other plates which pushes into another plate so on and so forth.

Are hurricanes caused by shifts in tectonic plates?

No hurricanes are caused by instability over warm oceans creating thunderstorms which start to spin and join together.

What is true about the lithospheric plates?

They are constantly in motion.

What is the motion of plates at a transform boundary?


What relationship exists between the location of active volcanoes and the locations of earthquakes?

Both Volcanoes and earthquakes are located where plates of the earth's crust are coming together. This motion and interaction at the edges of the plates is called plate tectonics.

What do tectonic plates do to the surface of the earth?

it happens by two of the tectonic plates colliding together and creating a volcanic eruption.And when they bash together and they have equal force they go up forming mountains (example) Mount. Everast (not in all occasions) or they could go down (example) The Dead Sea

What are two ways a mountain be formed?

Describe two ways mountains can be formed ?

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