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The invasion of the white man motivated many Native Americans to move beyond the Great Plains. Many moved because the white man stole the land, killed their crops and their means of eating.Ê

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Did Native Americans lived on the plains?

which native america lived in plains

Did the Native Americans live in teepees?

The native Americans of the great plains lived in teepees, but not all native Americans did.

Who are The Plains People?

Native Americans who live on the plains. (Answer from a Briton)

How was the buffalo important to Native Americans and the great plains?

they were important to feed the native americans

A hut used by Native Americans?

A hut that was utilized by the Native Americans is called a tipi that was typically utilized by Native Americans in the Great Plains.

How did the Native Americans mak teepees?

the native Americans didnt live in tipis only the plains Indians did the native Americans lived in houses

What happened to the great plains Indians?

The Great Plains Native Americans were driven away by the settlers. These Native Americans were also killed off by diseases.

What did the native Americans of the great plains live in?


What landforms did the southwest native Americans have?

Mountains and plains

What did the native Americans of the plains make from the buffalo's sinew and hair?

The Native Americans of the "Plains" made "Tepees, Whips, Clothes, and other items such as tools and Drums" [ETC]

How did horses change the lives of native Americans who lived on the great plains?

the native Americans used them for hunting and warfare

Where did plains native Americans hunt?

the plains americans hunted wherever they went which means wherever the animals the animals went

Why did the Native Americans call the Great Plains that?

'The Great Plains' is a term that came with the europeans.

Who lived in the great plains in the 1400s?

The Native Americans lived in the great plains in the 1400s.

How native Americans respond to land lost due to white settlement of the great plains?

How native americans respond to land lost due to white settlement of the great plains?

What did the great plains native Americans live in?

tepees or tent

What was life like for Native Americans on the great plains?

not easy

Why did the Native Americans of the Plains live in teepees?

because for their shelter.

What do Native Americans Of The Great PLains Make?

Lots of things!

Who lived on the great plains before 1860?

native americans

What animals were critical to the life of the native Americans on the plains?


Information of the great plains native Americans?

what information can you give about the great plains kiowa tribe

How races of plains Indians are there?

There is only one race but many nations of Native Americans on the plains.

Organized resistance by Native Americans came to an end on the southern plains in what year?

Organized resistance by Native Americans on the southern plains came to an end in 1898. That was the year of the Wounded Knee massacre.

How did the First Treaty of Fort Laramie affect Native Americans living on the great plains?

The Native Americans gain the Centrail plains and east of the rocky mountains. Also from Arkansas, north to Canada.

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