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If your Civic is a CX or DX the engine is a 1.5L


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No it is not b16a is the civic si motor there is two type R motors B16b came it 96-2000 civic hatch (EK9) and the b18c5 Found it the Acura integra Type R

Yes the 91 Civic SI came with A/C other then if you buy it new and request for it not too. Or someone took it out Yes the 91 Civic SI came with A/C other then if you buy it new and request for it not too. Or someone took it out

'EX' is the trim package that your Civic came with from the factory.

no there is a different key 4 that and the key is also used for the doors as well

Did the 1993 Honda Civic hatchback's have cd players when they came out in 1993?

There is two motors that came in the car from the factory. the 2.0 dual overhead cam that is referred to as a 4G63, it has coil packs. The other is a 1.8 liter that utilizes a distributor.

It came from the factory with R12 but I recommend you have it converted to R134a if it has not already been done. There is a label near the A/C unit under the hood listing this information.

older civics had a d16z6 up until 95. In 96 they changed to a d16y8 which had a slightly higher compression ratio and more efficient intake and exhaust portas on the cylinder head. both motors came with vtec.

A 1991 RS came with a World Class T5 transmission

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i have the 1991 toyota 4x4 with a g58 trans

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The classic sonic came out in 1991 which was 20 years ago after the classic sonic came out I'm not sure how many years after though, modern sonic came out, so the answer is 1991.

The 1996-2000 Honda Civic came with the 1.6-liter SOHC 4-cylinder 16-valve engine.

The crx came stocked with either a d15b6 or a d16a2. You could upgrade to a b16a from a jdm civic si-r or go bigger with a b18c from an Acura Integra, both will fit perfectly with a new motor mount kit (usually purchased separately). I dropped a b16a in my 89 civic hatch last year and just installed a greddy turbo and man does it go! Either one would be a good choice, give it a try and good luck.

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The 2.5L, the 2.8L and the 4.3L were available.

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