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all i know is it knows sunny day and solarbeam and maybe fire blast


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In Pokemon Pearl version, Rapidash is capable of learning various different moves. For example, it can learn the move fire blast.

Yes it is a good team because if you battle the Pokemon League .You can use your Rapidash to beat Aaron's bug Pokemon with fire blast or teach it flamethrower to it. The second Pokemon League member has ground type Pokemon which your Empoleon or your Leafeon can beat Empoleon can haves these moves : surf,waterfall,ice beam buy it at Velistone City at the dept. store and aqua jet for it can attack first.the third Pokemon league member has fire type Pokemon your Empoleon can beat all his Pokemon he has a infernape lv.55 if you battle him the first time the second time his infernape is lv.71 your Crobat can also beat it with moves like wing attack,fly,aerial ace,and air slash. the last Pokemon league member has psychic Pokemon your Rotom can beat all his Pokemon with these moves shadow ball,thunderbolt,thunder,and confuse ray to confuse the Pokemon. He has a Bronzong it is steel psychic your Rapidash could beat it be careful it has earthquake it will kill your Rapidash. The it is the Pokemon league champion Cynthia beat her if you do your team is a badass team because you beat the Pokemon league champion. I think your Empoleon Crobat Leafeon Gallade Rotom Rapidash are a great team. Get rid of that Gallade it is useless .

the best moves for rapidash are fireblast, takedown, flareblitz, and sunnyday.

There are some good moves to rapidash : - Fire Blast - Flamethrower - Overheat (It won't exists in FIRERED and under those versions)

Ponyta evolves at lvl 40 in Rapidash, than Rapidash learns immediately Fury Attack. In lvl 41 he learns Fire Blast. In lvl 45 he learns Bounce. In lvl 49 he learns Flare Blitz.

Simple, beat the champion in the Pokemon league. p.s. The Pokemon league is tough, stock up on max potions,full restores,revives and elixers and ethers if you use to many moves.

their lots of moves that are super effective in the unova region but i don't know the moves because their to many moves that are very effective

There is no certain way to win against the Pokemon league. The only thing i can say is too lvl up your Pokemon and actually use items to boost the attack of certain moves

the best Pokemon for the 1st elite four in Pokemon diamond would be a fire type with strong fire moves like flamethrower and fire blast because the first elite four is a bug trainer . i would personally recommend a rapidash or infernape.

A team that has mixed types. A fire type like rapidash A flying type like Staraptor A ground type like gibble Use Giritina and some other strong Pokemon you might have that isn't of these types. You can replace these if you don't like them. And use powerful moves too. Be at least level 56 before you challenge the elite four and have a lot of healing items too.

In Diamond and Pearl Rapidash learns Flare Blitz at Level 48 and in Platinum it learns nothing between Levels 47 and 57.

Those Pokemon are a strong team, covering most, if not all, weaknesses (depending on their moves). If they are all at roughly level 45 and you have enough potions, revives etc you should be fine.

use Pokemon on lv 100 with moves that are super effective against each elite 4 member

Bug, ghost, dark. Psychic moves do not effect dark type Pokemon what so ever, so if it is a gym, or league (if you have Pearl or diamond it is there is a psychic league person. it is the 3ed one) i recommend a dark Pokemon. i think the 3 league leader is actually a fighting type Pokemon user.........

CHIMCHAR, MONFERNO, INFERNAPE are the only fire types you can get before the league besides Poneta & Rapidash. If this is because of the Bug leader use flying types if it's because of bronzorg for the phycic trainer get a strong dark type with good moves With medicam use a flying type because he'll destroy your dark's with his fighting attacks also get FULL RESTORES and REVIVES. Full Heals may come in handy as well.

Empoleon in its 80's can beat everyone if knows the moves: Aqua Jet Drill peak :)

the moveset i used 2 get through the whole game istacklemudslappeckhidden power

It depends... a Fire Pokemon learns a lot of burning moves, the water pokemons, water moves...

Click on your Pokemon and you scroll down to change the moves to what you want.

To get through the Pokemon league/elite four, in Pokemon SoulSilver you have to train your Pokemon to high levels. Once in high levels make sure they learn the right moves that are useful. Strong moves are useful, and be sure to stock up on medicines from the PokeMart!

catch a new pokemon like abomasnow with grass moves or rapidash or ponyta not evolved but is past evolve lvl and roserade or leafeon

you are red so , therefore, you decide the moves your pokemon know...

There are many you can find out all the moves by checking the questionarre at the pokemart and choosing the category moves.

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