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What movie and television projects has Alejandro Abellan been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:04AM

Alejandro Abellan has: Played Colonel Delgado in "Seven Days" in 1998. Played Bolivian Lieutenant in "UC: Undercover" in 2001. Played Miguel in "Just Cause" in 2001. Played Spanish FBI Agent in "HRT" in 2001. Played Teacher in "The Santa Clause 2" in 2002. Played Esteban Montoya in "Point Blank" in 2002. Played Tito in "Phenomenon II" in 2003. Played U.S.S. Soldier in "The Core" in 2003. Played Dr. Garcia in "Out of Order" in 2003. Played Street Interviewee in "The Survivors Club" in 2004. Played Burley Driver in "The Keeper" in 2004. Played Arresting Officer in "Lies Like Truth" in 2004. Played Motor Pool Clerk in "Murder at the Presidio" in 2005. Played Attendant in "Saving Milly" in 2005. Played Ernesto Lupo in "Flash Gordon" in 2007. Played Diego in "The Gambler, the Girl and the Gunslinger" in 2009.