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What movie and television projects has Alon Aboutboul been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:05AM

Alon Aboutboul has: Performed in "Kohav Hashahar" in 1980. Performed in "Hapnimiyah" in 1983. Played Aranjuez in "51 Bar" in 1985. Performed in "Malkat Hakitah" in 1986. Played Joseph in "Every Time We Say Goodbye" in 1986. Performed in "Kol Ahuvatai" in 1986. Performed in "Photo Roman" in 1987. Played Nissem in "Rambo III" in 1988. Played Yotam in "Ehad Mishelanu" in 1989. Played Amin Khalidi in "Streets of Yesterday" in 1989. Played Abdel in "Killing Streets" in 1991. Performed in "Ha-Kluv" in 1991. Played Yosi in "Love Hurts" in 1992. Performed in "Roked Al Hahof" in 1992. Performed in "Ha-Yerusha" in 1993. Played Patrick in "Deadly Heroes" in 1993. Played Uri in "Rosa Roth" in 1994. Played Sibale in "Wasserman - Der singende Hund" in 1995. Played Nethanel in "Leylasede" in 1995. Played Mulli in "Ha-Kochav Hakachol" in 1995. Played Avi in "Ha-Khetzi HaSheni" in 1996. Played Husband in "Garger al Haris" in 1997. Performed in "Campaign" in 1997. Played Shoshana in "Gentila" in 1998. Performed in "Mazal dagim" in 1998. Performed in "Im Hukim" in 1999. Performed in "Ahava Mimabat Sheni" in 1999. Played Andre in "Egoz" in 1999. Played Avram in "The Order" in 2001. Performed in "Hamesh Dakot BeHalicha" in 2001. Played Reuven Shechter in "Mars Turkey" in 2001. Played Prince Omar Ibn Alwaan in "NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service" in 2003. Played Avinoam in "Ha-Asonot Shel Nina" in 2003. Played Israeli Soldier with Zamir in "Munich" in 2005. Played Himself (2007) in "Rokdim Im Kochavim" in 2005. Played Shmuel Shahar in "Ha-Alufa" in 2006. Played Goldy in "Lirkod" in 2006. Played Brigadier-General Kimchi, division commander in "Beaufort" in 2007. Performed in "Rak Klavim Ratzim Hofshi" in 2007. Played Izzy Sason in "Noodle" in 2007. Played Jabbar Hamady in "Burn Notice" in 2007. Played Dr. Armand Silva in "Fringe" in 2008. Played Itamar Ohayon in "Shiva" in 2008. Played Shabtai in "Etsba Elohim" in 2008. Played Yuri Bajoran in "The Mentalist" in 2008. Played Al-Saleem in "Body of Lies" in 2008. Played Naseem Vaziri in "NCIS: Los Angeles" in 2009. Played Fariq Yusef in "Castle" in 2009. Played Mike in "Homeland" in 2011. Played Dr. Pavel in "The Dark Knight Rises" in 2012. Played Sagi in "The Dealers" in 2012. Played Zeev in "Hahi shehozeret habaita" in 2013. Played Alexander Skelos in "Low Winter Sun" in 2013. Performed in "Makom be-gan eden" in 2013.