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What movie and television projects has Astrida Auza been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:47AM

Astrida Auza has: Played The Woman in "Missing Lady" in 1989. Played Becky Mittford in "The Bare Bones" in 1992. Played Sarah in "The Return" in 2009. Played Landlord Lady in "Be Happy" in 2012. Performed in "La mort aux doigts" in 2012. Played Charlotte Dodd in "Familiar" in 2012. Played Ida Von Trachtenberg in "Out of Time" in 2012. Played Mrs. Welton in "Having a Drink" in 2013. Played Vivian in "All I Need" in 2013. Played Mrs. Keating in "Liminality" in 2013. Played Mrs. Agatha Wilfred in "Happier Days" in 2013. Played Reporter in "Tension(s)" in 2014. Played Melinda in "Feed the Devil" in 2014. Played Vivian Stark (Elder) in "Stingy Jack" in 2014. Played Melantha in "Cold Dark Mirror" in 2014.