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What movie and television projects has Beth Amos been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:40AM

Beth Amos has: Played Landlady in "Disneyland" in 1954. Played Mrs. Oakes in "Disneyland" in 1954. Performed in "Jake and the Kid: Political Dynamite" in 1962. Played Mrs. Oakes in "The Incredible Journey" in 1963. Played Motel lady in "Love at First Sight" in 1977. Played Mrs. Pennymaker in "The Great Detective" in 1977. Played Housekeeper in "Prom Night" in 1980. Played Old Woman in "Mom, the Wolfman and Me" in 1980. Performed in "High Card" in 1981. Played Mrs. Tomar in "The Edison Twins" in 1982. Played Mrs. Linn in "Utilities" in 1983. Played Little Old Lady in "Police Academy" in 1984. Performed in "Esso" in 1985. Played Martha Hobbs in "Bullies" in 1986. Played Rena Slavowsky in "Street Legal" in 1987. Performed in "Katts and Dog" in 1988. Played Helen in "E.N.G." in 1989. Played Patient in "The Last Best Year" in 1990. Played Mrs. McGuffin in "Due South" in 1994. Played Mrs. MacGuffin in "Due South" in 1994. Played Housekeeper in "Due South" in 1994. Played Landlady in "Young Again" in 1995. Played Ruthie in "Canadian Bacon" in 1995.