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What movie and television projects has Daniela Akerblom been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:39AM

Daniela Akerblom has: Played Girl in "Sword of Gideon" in 1986. Played Sandy Leclerc (1992) in "Le destin du docteur Calvet" in 1989. Played Monique in "Cruising Bar" in 1989. Played Olsa in "Sous le signe du poisson" in 1991. Played Martine in "The Exile" in 1991. Played Announcer in "Primary Motive" in 1992. Played Birgit Saunders in "Vanished" in 1995. Played Jessica in "Snowboard Academy" in 1996. Played Phyllis in "An American Affair" in 1997. Played Danielle in "The Hunger" in 1997. Played Receptionist in "Babel" in 1999. Played Miss Washburn in "Kayla" in 1999. Played Drunk Girl in Club in "Saint Jude" in 2000. Played Pro-Choice Activist in "Choice: The Henry Morgentaler Story" in 2005. Played Femme de Ralf in "Mirador" in 2010.