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What movie and television projects has Emmy Albiin been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:33AM

Emmy Albiin has: Played Kristina in "Kvarnen" in 1921. Played Helgumian in "Ingmarsarvet" in 1925. Played Older woman who is attacked in "Johan Ulfstjerna" in 1936. Played Old Woman in Search of Employment in "Adolf klarar skivan" in 1938. Played Old Woman in "Mot nya tider" in 1939. Played Aunt Marie in "Fallet Ingegerd Bremssen" in 1942. Played Mother Lena in "Katrina" in 1943. Played Maria in "Ordet" in 1943. Played Woman on Staircase in "Kungsgatan" in 1943. Played Mrs. Lans in "Anna Lans" in 1943. Played Mrs. Vikblad in "Sextetten Karlsson" in 1945. Played Old Lady in "Barbacka" in 1946. Played Woman on the road in "Livet i Finnskogarna" in 1947. Played Woman with Coffin in "Kronblom" in 1947. Played Woman in "Bara en mor" in 1949. Played Woman Selling Flowers in "Gatan" in 1949. Played Johanna in "Motorkavaljerer" in 1950. Played Older Woman with a Signed Book in "Skuggan" in 1953. Played Amalia Pettersson in "Stampen" in 1955.