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What movie and television projects has Erin Agostino been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:37AM

Erin Agostino has: Played Gossip Girl 2 in "Nausea" in 2007. Played Various in "Winx Club: Il segreto del Regno Perduto" in 2007. Played Ashley Cummings in "The Bitter End" in 2009. Played Ava Turner in "18 to Life" in 2010. Played Jo in "You Are So Undead" in 2010. Played Regina in "The Howling: Reborn" in 2011. Played Diane Alcott in "Being Human" in 2011. Played Deirdre in "Laurentie" in 2011. Played Hannah Marshall in "Crisis Point" in 2012. Played Claire Callaghan in "Soon to Be Infamous" in 2012. Played Moby in "Seed" in 2013. Played Liz Owens in "Girlhouse" in 2013.