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What movie and television projects has Haji Abdullah been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:04AM

Haji Abdullah has: Played Bouncer in "Millennium Shake-Off" in 2001. Played Zombie in "Zombie Outbreak" in 2006. Played Marshall Fan in "We Are Marshall" in 2006. Played Big Zombie in "Operation Dead One" in 2007. Played Nate Lane in "Laugh Dying" in 2007. Played Big Ant in "Cocaine Diaries" in 2007. Played TNT Fan in "Stomp the Yard" in 2007. Played Red in "Evil Keg" in 2007. Performed in "Fark TV" in 2007. Played Crazy Eye Witness in "Motion Music" in 2008. Played Audience Member in "Make It Rain" in 2008. Played Reverend Brown in "Atlanta Homicide" in 2008. Played Mr. Shadow in "Fighting Angels: The Series" in 2008. Played Club Security in "Justice Love" in 2009. Played Hotel Worker in "7 Days of Yellow" in 2009. Played CPS Caseload in "The Blind Side" in 2009. Played Security Guard in "4 Minutes" in 2009. Played Ruda Bear in "3 Day Weekend" in 2009. Played Bouncer in "The Other Half" in 2009. Played Matt in "Het-Q: The Making of Movie" in 2009. Played Fitness Student in "Meet the Browns" in 2009. Played Bouncer in "Night Reign" in 2009. Played Deacon Pressway in "116 Muscles" in 2009. Played Airport Passenger in "I Am the Bluebird" in 2009. Played Renaldo in "Two Naked Men Making a Sandwich" in 2010. Played Club Member in "Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming" in 2010. Played Airport Passenger in "Due Date" in 2010. Played Graduation Audience Member in "For Colored Girls" in 2010. Performed in "Kerberos" in 2010. Played Big Boy in "Stuck on Broke" in 2010. Played Carleoni Thug 1 in "Paula Peril: The Invisible Evil" in 2010. Played Inmate in "Past Life" in 2010. Played 300 in "Step Off" in 2010. Played Reggie in "A Higher Justice" in 2011. Played Chris in "Words to Kill" in 2011. Played Club Doorman in "Single Ladies" in 2011. Played Pimp in "Single in the ATL" in 2011. Played Security Guard in "Day of Vengeance" in 2011. Played Bar Patron in "Hall Pass" in 2011. Played Cook in "Redemption 316" in 2012.