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What movie and television projects has Jens Albinus been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:07AM

Jens Albinus has: Played Tjener in "Sidste omgang" in 1993. Played H. C. Andersen in "Bryggeren" in 1996. Played Carsten in "Portland" in 1996. Played Teacher in "Anton" in 1996. Played Stoffer in "Idioterne" in 1998. Played Jeppe in "Din for altid" in 1999. Played Himself (Cannes 1998 footage) in "I Lars von Triers rige" in 1999. Played Tom Jacobsen in "Skjulte spor" in 2000. Played Zacharias Carl Borg in "Zacharias Carl Borg" in 2000. Played Hugo in "Hotellet" in 2000. Played Morty in "Dancer in the Dark" in 2000. Performed in "Wag the Dogma" in 2001. Played John in "Far from China" in 2001. Played Martin Gottlieb in "Gottlieb" in 2001. Played Richard Malmros som voksen in "At kende sandheden" in 2002. Played himself in "Bodilprisen 2003" in 2003. Played Chuck in "Dogville: The Pilot" in 2003. Played himself in "Spot" in 2003. Played Carsten in "Forbrydelser" in 2004. Played Himself - Actor in "Julekrybben: Helligaandskirken" in 2004. Played Himself - Presenter in "Bodilfesten 2004" in 2004. Played himself in "Clement direkte med Clement Kjersgaard" in 2005. Played himself in "Det gode liv" in 2005. Played himself in "Selvoptagelser" in 2006. Played Kunde in "Daisy Diamond" in 2007. Played himself in "Skuespillerne for det hele" in 2007. Played The Man in "Togetherness" in 2007. Played Halfdan in "Ibrahim" in 2007. Played Keld Buhmann in "Forbrydelsen" in 2007. Played himself in "The 2008 European Film Awards" in 2008. Played Chris in "This Is Love" in 2009. Played He in "Antichrist: Behind the Test" in 2009. Played himself in "The Visual Style of Antichrist" in 2009. Played Jon Berthelsen in "Borgen" in 2010. Played Jacob Falk in "Alting bliver godt igen" in 2010. Played Henk in "Sprinter - Haltlos in die Nacht" in 2012. Played S in "Nymphomaniac: Vol. I" in 2013. Played Michael in "Stille hjerte" in 2014.