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What movie and television projects has Jolene Andersen been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:41AM

Jolene Andersen has: Played Wasted Chick in "Hunter: Back in Force" in 2003. Played Dead Girl in "Ocean Buzz" in 2003. Played Woman at Airport in "Constellation" in 2005. Played Juliet Monroe in "Criminal Minds" in 2005. Played Fan at party in "Let Some Air In" in 2006. Played Model in "Fashion House" in 2006. Played Kelly in "The Home of Split Pea Soup" in 2007. Played Bo in "In Plain Sight" in 2008. Played Candice Hunter in "The Abattoir" in 2008. Played Gracie Loren in "Montana, 1933" in 2008. Played Sofi in "Macho" in 2009. Played Lara in "Justified" in 2010. Played Mary Magdalene in "Crown Prince of Heaven" in 2010. Played Simone in "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" in 2011. Played Benni in "Amanda Laru" in 2011. Played Scarlet Shear in "Bounty Killer" in 2011. Played Chatterer in "Hellraiser: Revelations" in 2011. Played Sabrina in "The New Normal" in 2012. Played Yogi in "What Else Were You Expecting" in 2012. Played herself in "Resident Evil Damnation: The DNA of Damnation" in 2012. Played Stephanie in "Ray Donovan" in 2013. Played Scarlet in "Bounty Killer" in 2013. Played Barbara in "Breastfund" in 2013. Played Lisa Simmons in "Syrup" in 2013. Played Angel in "Distraction" in 2013.