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What movie and television projects has Kathryn Adams been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:35AM

Kathryn Adams has: Played Miriam Starr in "The Long Arm of the Secret Service" in 1915. Played Miss Cadwell in "Helene of the North" in 1915. Played Olga in "The Pursuing Shadow" in 1915. Played Margaret Van Allen in "Her Confession" in 1915. Played Rose Edgerton in "After Dark" in 1915. Played Lou Maxwell in "The Shooting of Dan McGrew" in 1915. Played The Nurse in "An Innocent Traitor" in 1915. Played Lilavan MacLeod, The Girl in "The Phantom Witness" in 1916. Played Margaret Kenyon in "The Shine Girl" in 1916. Played Mrs. Cameron in "Divorce and the Daughter" in 1916. Played Olivia Primrose in "The Vicar of Wakefield" in 1917. Played Lucille Haines in "The Valentine Girl" in 1917. Performed in "The Streets of Illusion" in 1917. Played Muriel Clemm in "The Customary Two Weeks" in 1917. Played Aggie in "Baby Mine" in 1917. Played Marie in "The Woman and the Beast" in 1917. Played Marian Caldwell in "Pots-and-Pans Peggy" in 1917. Played Ruth Merritt in "True Blue" in 1918. Played Annette Bossert in "The Brute Breaker" in 1919. Played Lady Mercy Covington in "A Gentleman of Quality" in 1919. Played Lady Evelyn Bazelhurst in "Cowardice Court" in 1919. Played Judith Wingate in "Restless Souls" in 1919. Played Anne Kepple in "The Silver Girl" in 1919. Played Elsa Clow in "Whom the Gods Would Destroy" in 1919. Played Dolores Castleback in "813" in 1920. Played Leslie MacLeod in "The Best of Luck" in 1920. Played June Dant in "Big Happiness" in 1920. Played Sylvia Kingston in "Uncharted Channels" in 1920. Played Madame de Clermont in "The Forbidden Woman" in 1920. Played Daphne Grenvil in "The Silver Car" in 1921. Played Norma Graves in "The Man from Downing Street" in 1922. Played Edith Langwell in "Borrowed Husbands" in 1924. Played Fanny Minafer in "Pampered Youth" in 1925. Played Party Guest in "The Squaw Man" in 1931.