What movie and television projects has Kyle Nelson been in?

Kyle Nelson has: Played Neighborhood Kid in "Eight Days a Week" in 1997. Played BJ in "Barney Songs from the Park" in 2003. Played BJ in "Barney: Read with Me, Dance with Me" in 2004. Played BJ in "Barney: The Land of Make Believe" in 2005. Played BJ in "Barney: Dino-mite Birthday" in 2007. Played Boater in "The Wild Man of the Navidad" in 2008. Played B.J. in "Barney: Jungle Friends" in 2009. Played BJ in "Barney: Once Upon a Dino-Tale" in 2009. Played B.J. in "Barney: A-Counting We Will Go" in 2010. Played BJ in "Barney: Furry Friends" in 2010. Played B.J. in "Barney: A Very Merry Christmas: The movie" in 2011. Played B.J. in "Barney: I Can Do It" in 2011. Played BJ in "Barney: Big World Adventure: The Movie" in 2011. Played BJ in "Barney: 123 Learn" in 2011. Played BJ in "Barney: All About Opposites" in 2012. Played B.J. in "Barney: I Love My Friends" in 2012. Played BJ in "Dance With Barney" in 2013.