What movie and television projects has Linda Macon been in?

Linda Macon has: Played Gammy in "Dear Gammy" in 2011. Played Resort Guest in "Life at the Resort" in 2011. Played Bum in "Leave It on the Floor" in 2011. Played Townsperson in "Redneck Weddings" in 2012. Played Nurse Lab in "Chuzhoe litso" in 2012. Played Erica in "Deadly Presence" in 2012. Played Yeti in "The Elisted" in 2012. Played Chick A. Dee Lishous (2013-) in "Moonbound24: The Webseries" in 2013. Played Supermarket Shopper in "False Colors" in 2014. Performed in "Ciaran the Demon Hunter" in 2014.