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What movie and television projects has Lissi Alandh been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:39AM

Lissi Alandh has: Played Peasant Woman in "Singoalla" in 1949. Played Woman at Restaurant in "Gatan" in 1949. Played Elisabeth in "Marianne" in 1953. Played Theatre Actress in "Gycklarnas afton" in 1953. Played Judith Henriksson in "Ingen mans kvinna" in 1953. Played Prostitute in "Barabbas" in 1953. Played Fish Worker in "Herr Arnes penningar" in 1954. Played Lizzie Bjelvenryd in "Flicka med melodi" in 1954. Played Flicka i baren in "Ratataa" in 1956. Played Madge in "Blyg och ensam" in 1958. Played Hulda in "91:an Karlsson muckar (tror han)" in 1959. Played Woman in Variety Hall in "Tystnaden" in 1963. Played Salvia in "Svenska bilder" in 1964. Played Dolly Bolster in "Henrik IV" in 1964. Performed in "Gula hund" in 1966. Played Melissa in "Nattlek" in 1966. Played Hostess in "Carmilla" in 1968. Played Mrs. Binn in "Miss and Mrs Sweden" in 1969. Played Mrs. Paular in "Kyrkoherden" in 1970. Played Helena in "Midsommardansen" in 1971. Performed in "Sagan om Siv" in 1974. Played Woman in "Ungkarlshotellet" in 1975. Played Gypsywoman in "Friaren som inte ville gifta sig" in 1977. Played Kitty in "Babels hus" in 1981. Played Kindergarten teacher (1991) in "Kakan" in 1991. Played Veronica Valtonen in "Rederiet" in 1992.