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Lore Reyes has: Played Barkada in "Scorpio Nights" in 1985. Played Pepito in "Unfaithful Wife" in 1986. Played Cafe Customer in "Ang kabit ni Mrs. Montero" in 1999. Played himself in "Mondo Macabro" in 2001. Played Himself - Guest in "Wasak" in 2011. Played Melchor in "Seduction" in 2013.

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What movie and television projects has Barry de Lore been in?

Barry de Lore has: Played David Cosgrove in "Shark in the Park" in 1989. Played Dr. Griggs (2000) in "Shortland Street" in 1992. Played Dealer Bruce in "Letter to Blanchy" in 1994. Played Hugh Osborne in "A Twist in the Tale" in 1998. Played Reporter in "3 Mile Limit" in 2014.

What has the author Lore Watzka written?

Lore Watzka has written: 'Kleinkind und Fernsehen' -- subject(s): Education, Experimental methods, Television in education

Will there ever be a lands of lore movie?

There is no word on a Lands of Lore movie as of yet but I am going to try in four years to make a Star Lore Movie. I am also coming out soon hopefully with a book series called Galaxy Wars. Galaxy Wars will consist of 4 books, the first being called Chaos Wars, Next will be Galaxy Wars 1-3. This came from my wish to combine Lands of Lore with Star Wars. I am also the one who wrote the question and I am the one hoping that one day Lands of Lore will be made into games again. Waiting for a movie still and Lands of Lore 4.

What movie and television projects has Lore Bronner been in?

Lore Bronner has: Performed in "Die Eintagsfliege" in 1957. Performed in "Das Kriminalmuseum" in 1963. Played Benededda in "Die Teilnahme" in 1964. Performed in "Derrick" in 1974. Played Nachbarin in "Der Anwalt" in 1976. Played Erika Vogel in "SOKO 5113" in 1978. Played Mutter Hentjen in "Esch oder Die Anarchie" in 1979. Played Oma Lore Goldbach in "Regentropfen" in 1982. Played Frau Griesmayr in "Forsthaus Falkenau" in 1989. Performed in "Supersingle" in 1998.

What movie and television projects has Lore Krainer been in?

Lore Krainer has: Played Interpretin in "Dalli Dalli" in 1971. Played Herself - Singer in "Dalli Dalli" in 1971. Played Fritzi in "Alfred auf Reisen" in 1982. Performed in "Herrenjahre" in 1983. Played Herself - Kabarettistin (segment "Kopf ZEILE") in "Seitenblicke" in 1987. Played Mutti in "Monte Video" in 1994. Played herself in "Phettbergs nette Leit Show" in 1995.

What movie and television projects has Monika Pietsch been in?

Monika Pietsch has: Played Lore Ehrlicher in "Tatort" in 1969. Played Lore in "Tatort" in 1969. Played Frau Ehrlicher in "Tatort" in 1969. Performed in "Die Elixiere des Teufels" in 1973. Performed in "Von Fall zu Fall" in 1989. Played Miss Segebrecht in "Wunderjahre" in 1992. Performed in "In aller Freundschaft" in 1998. Played Lehrerin in "Milchwald" in 2003.

What movie and television projects has Catherine Wagener been in?

Catherine Wagener has: Performed in "Les dossiers du professeur Morgan" in 1970. Played Maria in "Les glaces" in 1973. Played Sophie in "Julie Charles" in 1974. Played Marie Anne de Saint Pons in "Mozart" in 1975. Performed in "La grande culbute" in 1976. Played Lore in "Settling the Score" in 2006. Played Lore in "Hellish Creatures" in 2006.

What movie and television projects has Margie Kinsky been in?

Margie Kinsky has: Played Lore Rittberger in "Dreifacher Rittberger" in 1987. Performed in "Familie Heinz Becker" in 1992. Played Lucia in "Die Liebe hat das letzte Wort" in 2004. Played herself in "Ladies Night" in 2007. Performed in "Ladies Night" in 2007.

What movie and television projects has Lore Calvies been in?

Lore Calvies has: Performed in "Hafenpolizei" in 1963. Played Daniela in "John Klings Abenteuer" in 1965. Played Rita Palen in "Polizeifunk ruft" in 1966. Performed in "Polizeifunk ruft" in 1966. Played Valeria in "Kaviar und Linsen" in 1967. Played Dunjaschka in "Der ewige Gatte" in 1969. Performed in "Bismarck von hinten oder Wir schliessen nie" in 1974. Performed in "Ein Mann will nach oben" in 1978.

What movie and television projects has Lore Schulz been in?

Lore Schulz has: Performed in "Drei Birken auf der Heide" in 1956. Played Minna in "Ein Ausgangstag" in 1957. Played Arischa in "Die Sache mit Kasanzew" in 1958. Performed in "Stahlnetz" in 1958. Performed in "La fille de Hambourg" in 1958. Played Elvira, Strafgefangene in "Im Namen einer Mutter" in 1960. Played Paula Burg in "Der Jugendrichter" in 1960. Performed in "Hafenpolizei" in 1963.

What are the English or German lyrics to Lore Lore in Third Reich's Military Music Archives Volume One?

Lore, Lore, Lore, Lore, schön sind die Mädchen von siebzehn, achtzehn Jahr. Lore, Lore, Lore, Lore, schöne Mädchen gibt es überall; und kommt der Frühling in das Tal, grüß mir die Lore noch einmal, adé, adé, adé, und kommt der Frühling in das Tal, grüß mir die Lore noch einmal, adé, adé, adé.

What movie and television projects has Kate Donahue been in?

Kate Donahue has: Played Sabu in "Rugrats" in 1991. Played Debbie in "Fourth Story" in 1991. Played Laverta Lutz (1998-2001) in "The Angry Beavers" in 1997. Played Laverta Lutz in "The Angry Beavers" in 1997. Played Cyn the Orc in "Lands of Lore III" in 1999.

What movie and television projects has Elisabeth Lennartz been in?

Elisabeth Lennartz has: Performed in "Dreimal Ehe" in 1935. Played Lore Brenner in "Ihr erstes Erlebnis" in 1939. Played Ceremonie in "Der Mitternachtsmarkt" in 1964. Played Die Millerin in "Kabale und Liebe" in 1965. Played herself in "Das Leben geht weiter" in 2002.

What is a sentence with the word lore in it?

The book had lots of lore surrounding the popular video game.

What is the differences between the adventure of robin hood in the book and in the movie?

It depends on which movie, and in some cases, which book. There is much lore about Robin Hood.

Will there be a lands of lore movie or Star Wars movie?

Lands of Lore 0-4 are released on you tube 5 will soon join them. I Jonathan worked for 3 years on this project. One day I wish someone would make a live action film though.

What movie and television projects has Rob Dey been in?

Rob Dey has: Played Angel in "Sons of God" in 2004. Played Drooling Man in "Skid Marks" in 2007. Played Wes in "Lore: Deadly Obsession" in 2011. Played Blaine Bowman in "Fatal Encounters" in 2012. Played Gary Greenberg in "Back to You" in 2012. Played John in "Hunters" in 2013.

What movie and television projects has Nele Trebs been in?

Nele Trebs has: Played Emma Hastings in "Rosamunde Pilcher" in 1993. Played Julie in "Unser Charly" in 1995. Played Lisa Jensen in "SOKO Wismar" in 2004. Played Irmgard Krupp (5-8 Jahre) in "Krupp - Eine deutsche Familie" in 2009. Played Liesel in "Lore" in 2012.

What movie and television projects has Lore Lorentz been in?

Lore Lorentz has: Performed in "So gut wie morgen ging es uns nie" in 1965. Performed in "Panoptikum" in 1966. Played Kleoppatra in "Auch schon im alten Rom" in 1968. Performed in "Zwei in der Krise" in 1970. Performed in "Zwei in der Krise - Sketche, Szenen und Blackouts" in 1970. Played Lucy Seward in "Dracula" in 1972. Played herself in "Herr Schmidt wird 50, will aber nicht feiern" in 2007.

A sentence using lore in it?

To state the definition in a nutshell... "lore" means "teachings." A sentence with the word lore in it could be... "How do you use lore in a sentence." lol.. but seriously.. think about it... "My uncle taught me the basic lore on hunting." .... or something like that..

What is the sentence for lore?

The children loved listening to folk lore.

When was Poet Lore created?

Poet Lore was created in 1889.

When did Lore Agnes die?

Lore Agnes died in 1953.

When was Lore Agnes born?

Lore Agnes was born in 1876.

When did Ludwig Lore die?

Ludwig Lore died in 1942.

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