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What movie and television projects has Louis Adlon been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:08AM

Louis Adlon has: Played Chorus Boy in Play in "The Girl Friend" in 1935. Played Olaf in "Happy Landing" in 1938. Played Venus in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" in 1939. Played Youth in "Espionage Agent" in 1939. Played Dress Designer in "The Ice Follies of 1939" in 1939. Performed in "Confessions of a Nazi Spy" in 1939. Played First Court Clerk in "The Lady in Question" in 1940. Played Lerner in "Mystery Sea Raider" in 1940. Played Karl, Baggage Attendant in "Underground" in 1941. Performed in "The Chocolate Soldier" in 1941. Played German Sergeant in "Eagle Squadron" in 1942. Played Bit Role in "Syncopation" in 1942. Played Escaped Prisoner in "Valley of Hunted Men" in 1942. Played Valtyr Olafson in "Iceland" in 1942. Played Herman in "My Favorite Spy" in 1942. Played German Corporal in "The Boy from Stalingrad" in 1943. Played German Lieutenant in "Assignment in Brittany" in 1943. Played German Ensign in "Action in the North Atlantic" in 1943. Played Young Nazi Soldier in "Hostages" in 1943. Played Raum, Chief Nazi Agent in "Adventures of the Flying Cadets" in 1943. Played German Officer in Berlin in "Tarzan Triumphs" in 1943. Played Nazi Lieutenant in "First Comes Courage" in 1943. Played Maj. Franz Kohmer in "Resisting Enemy Interrogation" in 1944. Played Leopold Muckenfuss in "The Big Show-Off" in 1945. Played Weber in "Jungle Queen" in 1945. Played Huebsch in "Counter-Attack" in 1945.