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What movie and television projects has Luis Alberni been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:06AM

Luis Alberni has: Played Pincus, the poet in "Children of the Ghetto" in 1915. Performed in "The Madonna of the Slums" in 1919. Played Count Gionelli in "39 East" in 1920. Played Captain of the Barkentine in "The Man from Beyond" in 1922. Played Jacques in "The Valley of Lost Souls" in 1923. Played Greenwich Village Party Guest in "Second Youth" in 1924. Played Valet in "The Cheerful Fraud" in 1926. Played Waiter in "Battle of Paris" in 1929. Played Juan Castinado in "The Santa Fe Trail" in 1930. Played The Baron in "Strange Birds" in 1930. Played Julius Gonzola in "Monkey Business in Africa" in 1931. Played Spectator at Bullfight in "The Last Flight" in 1931. Played Vassily Vassiloff in "Manhattan Parade" in 1931. Played Sergei Bankieff in "The Mad Genius" in 1931. Played Baron Gonzola in "Movie-Town" in 1931. Played Sao Pedro Waiter in "I Like Your Nerve" in 1931. Played Marquis in "I Surrender Dear" in 1931. Performed in "The Great Junction Hotel" in 1931. Played Gecko in "Svengali" in 1931. Played Violinist in "One Heavenly Night" in 1931. Played Cantina Bartender in "Sweepstakes" in 1931. Played Scarno, Roadhouse Manager in "The Tip-Off" in 1931. Played Anton in "Men in Her Life" in 1931. Performed in "Children of Dreams" in 1931. Played Louis - the Bootlegger in "Week-End Marriage" in 1932. Played Yelling Courtroom Spectator in "Two Against the World" in 1932. Played Annoyed Opera Fan in "Trouble in Paradise" in 1932. Played Peppi Tonelli in "The Woman in Room 13" in 1932. Played Tamborini in "Crooner" in 1932. Played Bladimir Petrosky in "The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood" in 1932. Played Luis Mazetti in "The Girl in the Tonneau" in 1932. Performed in "First in War" in 1932. Played Pascal in "A Parisian Romance" in 1932. Played First Agitator in "The Conquerors" in 1932. Played Sonora Joe in "The Big Stampede" in 1932. Performed in "Stop That Run" in 1932. Played Colombo in "High Pressure" in 1932. Played Gaston in "Hombres de mi vida" in 1932. Played Pete in "Guilty or Not Guilty" in 1932. Played Hungarian Consul in "Hypnotized" in 1932. Played Second Taxi Driver in "Havana Widows" in 1933. Played Metzger in "Trick for Trick" in 1933. Played Man at Alderman Meeting in "The Chief" in 1933. Played Pedro Gonzales in "The Last Trail" in 1933. Performed in "California Weather" in 1933. Played Speakeasy Owner in "Above the Clouds" in 1933. Played Commandant Emilio Quierra in "The California Trail" in 1933. Played Rio Casino Manager in "Flying Down to Rio" in 1933. Played Tony in "Goodbye Love" in 1933. Played Train Porter in "By Candlelight" in 1933. Played Frenchman in "Sherman Said It" in 1933. Played Soto in "Men Must Fight" in 1933. Played Director in "Lady Killer" in 1933. Played Felipe Guadalupe Constacio Delgado Santa Cruz de la Verranca in "The Man from Monterey" in 1933. Played The Master Chef in "Menu" in 1933. Played Luigi Baccigalupi in "The Sphinx" in 1933. Played Pierre in "When Ladies Meet" in 1933. Played Angelo, Janitor in "I Love That Man" in 1933. Played Carlos Spumoni Bustamente in "Child of Manhattan" in 1933. Played Jake in "Strictly Dynamite" in 1934. Played Giacomo in "I Believed in You" in 1934. Played Giovanni in "One Night of Love" in 1934. Played Gypsy Chieftain in "Caravane" in 1934. Played Nick Panaro in "When Strangers Meet" in 1934. Played Fresco in "La buenaventura" in 1934. Played Italian Celebrant in "Stingaree" in 1934. Played Juan Gilboa in "The Captain Hates the Sea" in 1934. Played Jacopo in "The Count of Monte Cristo" in 1934. Played Monsieur Paul in "Glamour" in 1934. Played Train Steward in "The Black Cat" in 1934. Played Taxi Driver (replaced by Herman Bing) in "Thunder in the Night" in 1935. Performed in "Ticket or Leave It" in 1935. Played Tony Capucci in "The Winning Ticket" in 1935. Played Tony in "Bad Boy" in 1935. Performed in "Champagne for Breakfast" in 1935. Played The Barber in "The Good Fairy" in 1935. Played Caparini in "Public Opinion" in 1935. Played Luigi in "Love Me Forever" in 1935. Played Luigi in "Manhattan Moon" in 1935. Played Ernest in "The Gay Deception" in 1935. Played Voyda in "Roberta" in 1935. Played The Magistrate in "In Caliente" in 1935. Played Janitor in "Rendezvous at Midnight" in 1935. Played Nate Porcopolis in "The Gilded Lily" in 1935. Played Ugo Pizzi in "Metropolitan" in 1935. Played Bernardo Perry in "Asegure a su mujer" in 1935. Played Tony Guisseppi in "Anthony Adverse" in 1936. Played Pamfilo (the Jailer) in "Dancing Pirate" in 1936. Played Tony Masetti in "Follow Your Heart" in 1936. Played Caesar Rosero in "Hats Off" in 1936. Played Carlo in "Colleen" in 1936. Played Dr. Munson aka Monte in "Ticket to Paradise" in 1936. Played Mr. Louis Louis in "Easy Living" in 1937. Played Posini in "Sing and Be Happy" in 1937. Played Joe Piso in "Love on Toast" in 1937. Played Guili in "Two Wise Maids" in 1937. Played Luis Marlo in "Hitting a New High" in 1937. Played Gaston in "The King and the Chorus Girl" in 1937. Played Basset in "The Great Garrick" in 1937. Played Bit Part in "Mr. Dodd Takes the Air" in 1937. Played Martinetti in "Manhattan Merry-Go-Round" in 1937. Played Scipio in "Madame X" in 1937. Played Luigi in "Under Suspicion" in 1937. Played Rinaldo in "The Amazing Mr. Williams" in 1939. Played Stanislaus Pysinski in "Naughty But Nice" in 1939. Played Tony in "Let Freedom Ring" in 1939. Played Manos in "The Great Man Votes" in 1939. Played Annoyed Opera Fan in "Twincuplets" in 1940. Played A. Calteroni in "Enemy Agent" in 1940. Played Frontenac in "Public Deb No. 1" in 1940. Played N. Pappakontous in "The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady" in 1940. Played Prof. DeLemma in "Scatterbrain" in 1940. Played Signor Scaletti in "World Premiere" in 1941. Played Native in "Law of the Tropics" in 1941. Played Native booth proprietor in "Road to Zanzibar" in 1941. Played Inventor in "She Knew All the Answers" in 1941. Played Don Luis Jose Alfonso Frutos y Murphy in "They Met in Argentina" in 1941. Played King of Naples in "That Hamilton Woman" in 1941. Played Nick in "Babes on Broadway" in 1941. Played Nick Ferris in "San Antonio Rose" in 1941. Played Jacques in "Northwest Rangers" in 1942. Played Riccardi, the musician in "Obliging Young Lady" in 1942. Played Jean Frederique in "I Married an Angel" in 1942. Played Mr. Styx in "Submarine Base" in 1943. Played Dino Piza in "The Man from Down Under" in 1943. Played Nick in "Here Comes Kelly" in 1943. Played Gus in "Nearly Eighteen" in 1943. Played Dr. Zichy in "Here Comes Elmer" in 1943. Played Tony in "My Son, the Hero" in 1943. Played Cafe Manager in "Harvest Melody" in 1943. Played Joe in "When the Lights Go on Again" in 1944. Played Jerry - Native with Laundry in "Rainbow Island" in 1944. Played Restaurant Owner in "It Happened Tomorrow" in 1944. Played Prison Guard in "The Conspirators" in 1944. Played Ignacio in "Machine Gun Mama" in 1944. Played Alberti Verdi in "Men on Her Mind" in 1944. Played Luigi, Pottery Dealer in "In Society" in 1944. Played Tony in "Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid" in 1944. Played Bartender in "Voice in the Wind" in 1944. Played French Professor in "Hit the Hay" in 1945. Played Prison Guard in "I Was a Criminal" in 1945. Played Opera Prompter in "Wonder Man" in 1945. Played Cacopardo in "A Bell for Adano" in 1945. Played Mr. Palucci in "Double Rhythm" in 1946. Played Tony - Fruit Vendor in "In Fast Company" in 1946. Played Flower Vendor in "Night Song" in 1947. Played himself in "The Alan Young Show" in 1950. Played Barman in "When Willie Comes Marching Home" in 1950. Played Sandro in "Captain Carey, U.S.A." in 1950. Performed in "Hollywood Opening Night" in 1951. Played Grand Uncle in "What Price Glory" in 1952.