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What movie and television projects has Lysander Abadia been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:03AM

Lysander Abadia has: Played Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Audition Dancer in "Showboy" in 2002. Played Jerry in "Objects of Wrath" in 2004. Played Bobby Lorenz in "Making the Band San Quentin" in 2004. Played Pete in "Investigaytion" in 2004. Played Bill Dahmer in "Family Values" in 2005. Played Mike in "Fall Guy" in 2005. Played X-Ray Tech in "Medium" in 2005. Played Skinny Collector in "Numb3rs" in 2005. Played Cory Franklin in "The Indie Pendant" in 2005. Played Foreman in "Shark" in 2006. Played Charles in "Love, Charles" in 2006. Played Jimmy in "Surviving Disaster" in 2006. Played School Secretary in "The Unit" in 2006. Played Filipino Crime Boss in "The Cold Farewell" in 2006. Played Cedric in "The Bewitching" in 2006. Played Dave in "Dakota" in 2006. Played Couch Guy in "The Quitter Show" in 2009. Played Imitation Lou in "Dark Blue" in 2009. Played Himself - Guest in "The Will Edwards Show" in 2012.