What movie and television projects has Mattie Edwards been in?

Mattie Edwards has: Played Zulu Queen in "Zeb, Zack and the Zulus" in 1913. Performed in "Butt-ing In" in 1914. Performed in "Swami Sam" in 1914. Played Mandy in "An Innocent Victim" in 1914. Played Mandy in "He Wanted Work" in 1914. Played Mattie Washington in "He Was Bad" in 1914. Played Dinah - the Cook in "In the Soup" in 1914. Performed in "Coontown Suffragettes" in 1914. Played Mattie White in "He Said He Could Act" in 1914. Played Mandy Jones in "The Tale of a Chicken" in 1914. Played Mrs. Johnson in "The Rise of the Johnsons" in 1914. Played Queen Cocoa in "In Zululand" in 1915. Performed in "It Happened on Wash Day" in 1915. Performed in "The Rakoon Hose Company" in 1915. Played The Wife in "A New Way to Win" in 1915. Performed in "Black Art" in 1915. Performed in "The Haunted Attic" in 1915.