What movie and television projects has Mirko Thiele been in?

Mirko Thiele has: Played Spieler in "Krimi.de" in 2005. Played Normalo in "Die Wolke" in 2006. Played Paramedic in "The Front Line" in 2006. Played Kobito in "Taiketsu" in 2007. Played Willy in "Mord mit Aussicht" in 2008. Played Taxifahrer in "Flaschendrehen" in 2011. Played Polizist in "Morden im Norden" in 2012. Performed in "I Have a Boat" in 2012. Played Frank in "Die Fusion - Ansichten einer Dissoziation" in 2012. Played Gizmo in "Deponia" in 2012.