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What movie and television projects has Onalee Ames been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:39AM

Onalee Ames has: Played Screaming Woman in "Night Train" in 1999. Played Mrs. Whiteson in "Tornado Warning" in 2002. Played All-or-Nothing Producer in "Zeyda and the Hitman" in 2004. Played Diane in "Shall We Dance" in 2004. Played Brenda-Lynn in "Falcon Beach" in 2006. Played Brenda Lynn in "Falcon Beach" in 2006. Played Officer Jen in "Wild Turkeys" in 2007. Played Cop in "Full of It" in 2007. Played Waitress in Diner in "The Lazarus Project" in 2008. Played Betty in "The Box Collector" in 2008. Played Cindy in "Cashing In" in 2009. Played Mindy in "Cashing In" in 2009. Played Mary Anne Spitz in "Horsemen" in 2009. Played Miss Woods in "Sonata for Christian" in 2010. Played herself in "Book of Vaudeville" in 2011. Played Dr. Olive Leo in "Verdict" in 2012.