What movie and television projects has Pamela Kelly been in?

Pamela Kelly has: Played Nurse Clark in "Taggart" in 1983. Played Sister in "Taggart" in 1983. Played May in "Taggart" in 1983. Played Violet in "EastEnders" in 1985. Played Yoga instructress in "Dream Baby" in 1989. Played Mrs. Brodie in "Blue Black Permanent" in 1992. Performed in "Strathblair" in 1992. Played Mrs. Muir in "Doctor Finlay" in 1993. Played Mrs. Ina Stott in "The High Life" in 1994. Played Mary McFarlane in "Loch Ness" in 1996. Played Doris in "Mr. Wymi" in 1997. Played Woman in the park in "Duck" in 1998. Played Euphemia Gebbie in "My Life So Far" in 1999. Played Matron in "Monarch of the Glen" in 2000. Played Mrs. Playfair in "Rebus" in 2000. Played Old Woman in "How Not to Live Your Life" in 2007.