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What movie and television projects has Rosa Arredondo been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:42AM

Rosa Arredondo has: Played Louisa in "The Big Easy" in 1996. Played Yolanda Garcia in "The Suitor" in 2001. Played Aracelis Ruiz in "Queens Supreme" in 2003. Played Dora Lawson in "CSI: NY" in 2004. Played Rachel in "On the One" in 2005. Played Theresa in "Hate" in 2005. Played Rene Moreno in "Numb3rs" in 2005. Played Ana Mendez in "Conviction" in 2006. Played Pam in "Six Degrees" in 2006. Played Waitress in "Rockaway" in 2007. Played Marivi in "Feel the Noise" in 2007. Played Shelter Assistant in "Where God Left His Shoes" in 2007. Played Simona in "Husband for Hire" in 2008. Played Susan Lugo in "Fringe" in 2008. Played Dolores Brinton in "The Mentalist" in 2008. Played Miss Jeffries in "White Collar" in 2009. Played Talk Show Host in "8 Easy Steps" in 2009. Played Det. Gloria Maldonado in "The Vortex" in 2009. Played Violet in "Silver Tongues" in 2011. Played Rosa in "Tiny Dancer" in 2011. Played Elaine in "Elementary" in 2012. Played Lucy in "Babygirl" in 2012. Played Lisa Harris in "Golden Boy" in 2013.