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What movie and television projects has Shawn Ahmed been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:04AM

Shawn Ahmed has: Played Loser Report in "System Crash" in 1999. Played Boy in "Soul Food" in 2000. Played Gunman in "The Secret Miracle" in 2006. Played Saeed Alghamdi in "Flight 93" in 2006. Played Satanic Cashier in "The Tracey Fragments" in 2007. Played Vince in "The Line" in 2008. Played Cashier in "The Ron James Show" in 2009. Played Various in "Fade to Brown" in 2009. Performed in "The Ron James Show" in 2009. Played Allen in "Saw VI" in 2009. Played Antonio in "Revenge for the Duchess of Malfi" in 2010. Played Sid in "Finding Talib" in 2013. Played Nav in "Paranormal Investigators" in 2013. Played Vince in "Unbury the Biscuit" in 2014.