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What movie and television projects has Tony Abbate been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:03AM

Tony Abbate has: Played CIA Officer in "Burn Notice" in 2007. Played Tim in "Bootleg Wisconsin" in 2008. Played David Smith in "Mendacity" in 2008. Played Luke in "The Affliction" in 2009. Played David in "Malevolent" in 2009. Played Polson in "The Defenders" in 2010. Played Brian Wormus in "Killer Outbreaks" in 2011. Played Freddy in "Disavowed" in 2011. Played Cowboy River in "The Midnight Screening" in 2012. Played Police Detective in "Vindicated" in 2012. Played Dr. Geoffrey Aguirre in "Broken Minds" in 2012. Played Russo in "Blue Code" in 2013. Played Jeremy Sage in "Team Investigating the Supernatural" in 2013.