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Q: What movie has the most special effects shots?
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How special effect shots were there in the original Star Wars movie?

From what I know, most special effects were done by computer animation from the company Industrial Light and Magic. As for if the effects were made otherwise, I'm not sure

Which movie has the most visual effects shots?

In 1998, the record was broken by Gary Ross's film Pleasantville. I am looking for information about films made since then which exceed Pleasantville's 1,700 visual effects shots.

What movie has the best special effects?

Currently Avatar and The Lord of the Rings (Including the Hobbit) are the most advanced films in visual special effects. Both produced by WETA studio.

What special effects were there in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

Some of the special effects in the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone movie were the Troll and the Centaurs. Most of the creatures are animated and so are some of the magical aspects.

What is the most expensive Christmas movie ever made?

Probably, for reasons of special effects and trick photography- the Polar Express.

What special effects processor has the most effects programed in?

The Eventide Eclipse is a great effects processor with the most programmed sound effects

Was any of the movie the Proposal filmed in Alaska?

From what I researched, it appears as though most of the movie was filmed in Rockport, Mass along with some great special effects. Had me fooled.

Can most web cams do special effects like the mac webcam?

The effects are provided by the software being used by the webcam. With the right software any webcam will produce special effects

Which are some of the most popular types of special effects software?

There are many kinds of special effects software which specialize in different areas. Dragonframe is best for stop-motion animation, while Adobe Premiere is best for editing and simple effects. Adobe After Effects is a popular professional tool for special effects in general.

Which special effects are the most recent addition in the theatre?

lighting run by computer

How do they do the makeup for lord voldamort?

Most of it is done on a computer using special effects.

What special effects are the most recent addition in the theatre?

lighting run by computers apex(@@@@@@)

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