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Silence of the Lambs

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Q: What movie is not from pixar?
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Is srek a Pixar movie?

no, it is not a pixar movie it is a dreamworks animation movie :)

Is Cars or Shrek a Pixar movie?

Shrek is not a Pixar movie. It was created by Dream Works

Is Shrek a Pixar movie?

No. Shrek is a Dreamworks Animation movie not a Pixar movie.

Which is not a Pixar movie cars which is not a Pixar movie cars Shrek The Incredibles toy story mosters inc?

Shrek ainโ€™t a Pixar movie

Is Monsters Inc a Pixar movie?

Monsters, Inc. is a Pixar movie.

Is Monsters Inc Pixar movie?

Yes monsters inc is a pixar movie

Cars incredibles your story which is not a Pixar movie?

Your story is not a Pixar movie. Did you mean Toy Story? Because then all of them are Pixar Movies

Is Toy Story a Pixar movie?

Yes, Toy Story (1995) is a Pixar movie. It was the first feature-length Pixar film.

What makes something a Pixar movie?

It has to be made by Pixar studios.

Is Toy Story Disney or Disney-Pixar?

Disney-Pixar. It was actually the first movie done in the Disney-Pixar partnership

What is the best Pixar movie and worst Pixar movie in the world?

Generally Toy Story is considered the best disney pixar movie and cars the worst. However cars has the most potential profit from selling memorabila to children.

Was Cars a Pixar movie?

Yes, it was a cooperative work from Disney and Pixar, after Pixar was bought out by Disney.

Which is not a Pixar movie cars the incrediblesShrek or Monsters Inc?

Shrek is not Pixar.

What 1995 blockbuster movie was created by Pixar?

'Toy Story' was a blockbuster movie released by Pixar in 1995.

What is the second Pixar movie?

The second Pixar film was titled A Bug's Life.

What do you mean by a Pixar movie?

Pixar is the name of a company that makes animated movies.

Is cars incredibles a Pixar movie?

yes they are both diseny pixar movies

Is nemo a Pixar movie?

"Finding Nemo" was produced by Pixar Animation Studios.

Why does a movie say a Disney Pixar film?

To tell the viewers that this is a movie produced by Pixar, and released by Disney. The Walt Disney Company bought Pixar Animation in 2006, so the films produced by Pixar are owned by Disney so a movie says it's a "Disney-Pixar film" because it has the cooperation of both studios.

What is the pixar movie called with three cows?

Home on the Range, was a Walt Disney production. Not sure about Pixar - the movie is not in their listing.

What numbers are in every Pixar movie?

A113 is one of the "Easter eggs" that is in every Pixar movie. A113 is the room number at California Institute of the Arts where several Pixar animators studied.

Is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Pixar movie?

It is not a Pixar film

Which Pixar movies released in 2013?

Monsters University was the only Pixar movie in 2013

Which is NOT a Pixar movie-carsshrektoy storymonster incincredibles?

Shrek is not Pixar. It's Dreamworks.

Who made the movie Cars?