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What movies did Jimmy Stewart make with Alfred Hitchcock?

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Jimmy Stewart starred in the following movies which were directed by Alfred Hitchcock:

* Rope, with John Dall and Farley Granger

* Rear Window, with Grace Kelly

* The Man Who Knew Too Much, with Doris Day

* Vertigo, with Kim Novak He had expected to make North by Northwest, as well, but Hitchcock wanted someone younger and decided to give the part to Cary Grant, even though Grant was actually four years older than Stewart.

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What actor appeared in the most Hitchcock movies?

Alfred Hitchcock, because he has been in almost every movie he has made. Other than him, James (Jimmy) Stewart has appeared in the most Alfred Hitchcock movies.

Which of these Alfred Hitchcock movies stars not Cary Grant but Jimmy Stewart?

The Man Who Knew Too Much

How many Alfred Hitchcock Films did Jimmy Stewart star in?

Jimmy Stewart starred in four Alfred movies. I answered this question because I believe none of the relevant answers defined the question clearly.

What Alfred Hitchcock movie does Jimmy Stewart hang from a building?

"Rear Window" .

Which Alfred Hitchcock movie did Jimmy Stewart play LB Jeff Jeffries?

Rear Window

What 1958 Alfred Hitchcock film concerned the disorder called acrophobia?

The movie was Vertigo and starred Jimmy Stewart.

What movie did Jimmy Stewart feature in with Alfred Hitchcock spying on his neighbors and witnessing a murder?

This is my absolute favorite Hitchcock film. Rear Window is the name of the movie.

What Hitchcock movie did Jimmy Stewart have amnesia?


In what Alfred Hitchcock movie is Jimmy Stewart seen running from a plane?

You're thinking of North By Northwest, and the actor is Cary Grant, not Jimmy Stewart, who is being chased by the crop duster plane mid-way through the movie.

Twenty-five minutes in Jimmy Stewart spots Alfred Hitchcock as a butler winding a clock in an apartment window What movie is this?

Rear Window

How many movies has Jimmy Stewart been in?

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When was Jimmy Hitchcock born?

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When did Jimmy Hitchcock die?

Jimmy Hitchcock died on 1959-07-23.

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Which Alfred Hitchcock movie is about a wife committing suicide?

The one that comes to mind is Vertigo with Jimmy Steward and Kim Novac.

Except for Hitchcock himself who has appeared in more Alfred Hitchcock films than anyone else?

Cary Grant appeared in four Hitchcock films - more than any other actor. Suspicion Notorious To Catch A Thief North By Northwest * (almost right) Jimmy Stewart also appeared in four Hitchcock films. Rope Rear Window The Man Who Knew Too Much Vertigo BUT... Leo G. Carroll appeared in six Hitchcock films

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What is the name of Alfred Hitchcock's film where the woman fell out of the tower?

Vertigo starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novac, filmed in San Francisco.

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