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Cary Grant (1904-1986) became one of the most successful movie stars Hollywood has ever seen. He made more than 70 motion pictures before retiring from films in 1966.

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Cary Grant

Did James drury wear a toupee?

According to other actors (Laurie Mitchell mentioned it for one) and from other sources, James Drury wore a toupee.

Cary Grant
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What characters did Rock Hudson Ann Margaret Cary Grant Jimmy Darren Tony Curtis and Ed Sullivan play on the Flintstones?

The celebrity guests were great. Rock Hudstone, Ann-Margrock, Cary Granite, Stoney Curtis, Ed Sulleyrock/Sulleystone.

Cary Grant

What was Cary Grant's mom's name?

Archibald Alexander Leach Born: Jan. 18, 1904, Bristol, UK Death: Nov. 29, 1986 Davenport, Iowa, USA Father: Elias James Leach (1873-1935) MOTHER: ELSIE MARIA KINGDON (1877-1972) (Was institutionalized after suffering a nervous break-down.) Married 5 times, Grant had a daughter, Jennifer born in 1966. He married his 4th wife Dyan Cannon, whereupon he retired from the filmaking to become a full-time father. During the 1980s Grant toured the US with a one-man show entitled "An Evening With Cary Grant" and was in Davenport, Iowa when he suffered a stroke and died on November 29, 1986. WIVES: VIRGINIA CHERRILL Married: Feb. 9 1934, Caxton Hall, London Divorced: 1935 BARBARA HUTTON Birth: Nov. 14, 1912, New York City, NY Married: July 8, 1942 DEATH: May 11, 1979, Los Angeles, California BETSY DRAKE: Birth: Sept. 11, 1923, Married: Dec. 25, 1949, Divorced: August 13, 1962 DYAN CANNON: Birth: Jan. 4, 1939, Married: July 22, 1965 Divorced: May 22, 1968. BARBARA HARRIS: Married April 15, 1981.

Cary Grant

How old is cari sweatte?

13 years old

Cary Grant

What movie did Cary Grant play a drunk in?

Father Goose (1964)

Cary Grant

Who is Cary Grant's son?

Mr. Grant's only child was not a son but a daughter, Jennifer Grant, born 1966.

Cary Grant

What year was the Cary Grant quote judy judy judy from?

'Only Angels Have Wings' (1939) . (Cary Grant never said "Judy, Judy, Judy" in any of his movies. He came close to it Only Angels Have Wings with lines such as "Oh Judy" and "Yes, Judy", but he never said it. He did say "Susan, Susan, Susan" however in Bringing Up Baby (1938). )

Cary Grant

Did Cary Grant have an illegitimate child?

i dont think he did, no. it is listed that he only had one child and there is no knwlege of anything other. read his autobiography, it might help you, the link is below: hope i can help, Hope X

Cary Grant

Was Cary Grant ever nominated for an Oscar?

He was nominated for Best Actor twice: Penny Serenade (1941) and None But the Lonely Heart (1944).

Cary Grant
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What religion was Cary Grant?


Cary Grant

Did Cary grant live in Iowa?

No. He died there, in Davenport, on November 29th, 1986, while touring some cities of the USA in a show called "A Conversation with Cary Grant". He was preparing for his lecture of that evening when he suffered a massive cerebral hemorraghe. He died that same night, his wife Barbara by his side.

Cary Grant

How old was Cary grant in an affair to remember?

Cary Grant was born in 1904, and An Affair to Rememberwas made in 1957. He was 53.

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Cary Grant

Who was the antagonist in the play Arsenic and Old Lace?

Raymond Massey

Cary Grant

What is the value of a Cary Grant stamp from 2002?

To a stamp dealer, 80% of face value. To most people, it's worth the value of the postage, i.e., what you paid for them. To a Movie or Cary Grant collector who knows nothing about stamps, you could probably double your money.

Cary Grant

What famous quote was attributed to Cary Grant?

"Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant."

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What was the first film directed by Robert Redford?

Ordinary People, which won him an Oscar{R} for Best Director. Not bad for a beginner!

Cary Grant

Did Cary Grant's mother ever see Cary Grant?

Yes. After 20 years of thinking his mother was dead after being told that as a boy, when he was 30 years old, his dying father admitted that he had admitted Elsie, his mother, to a mental institution. Cary (Archie) saw his mother for the first time when again when he went to visit her that trip to England at the mental institution.

Cary Grant

Did Cary Grant wear a hairpiece?

No. Cary Grant did not wear a hairpiece.

Cary Grant

Did Cary Grant wear a toupee?

I've always suspected that he did - many of the old Hollywood stars did, Bing Crosby, John Wayne, Ray Milland, Lee J. Cobb and even James Stewart!
No. Cary Grant did not wear a toupee.

Cary Grant

Did Cary Grant really wear panties?

Because Grant shared a house with fellow screen star Randolph Scott it has long been speculated that they were lovers. However, both of them, and their wives and girlfriends have always dismissed the such gossip as unfounded and wrong.

The notion that grant wore woman's underthings is an entirely without basis howler that has emerged only recently. The anyone believes it without evidence has more to do with how notions of masculinity have changed since Grant's heyday than with the actual facts of Grant's life.

Cary Grant

Who directed Cary Grant's first film?

Cary Grant's first film was This Is The Night in 1932. It was directed by Frank Tuttle.

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Name the four Hitchcock flims that Cary Grant starred in?

Suspicion, Notorious, To Catch a Thief, and North by Northwest.


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