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Q: What movies were on 13 nights of Halloween on ABC family?
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What channel is Pretty Little Liars on?

Pretty Little Liars is on ABC Family.ABC family. Monday nights at 8/7c.The channel that Pretty Little Liars is on ABC FamilyABC Family.

What time is secret life of American teenager on at?

8pm monday nights on abc family

What time is Pretty Little Liars on?

Tuesday nights on ABC Family at 8:00pm depending on where you live.

What is considered the best tv show for teens?

the lying game they have mysteries its on on monday nights on abc family if you have verizon its on 199

What kind of things does the ABC family channel cut out in movies?

um oh its the fun lol.

Is modern family on abc family or abc?

Modern Family is on ABC

Is Ezra -A?

Yes, Ezra was revealed as A on the 2 hour Halloween special for the hit abc family television show "Pretty Little Liars"

What night and time did the Partridge Family air?

"The Partridge Family" aired at 8:00 on Friday Nights on ABC From 1970-1973. Then at the beginning of the fourth and final season it was moved to Saturday Nights at 8:30 against "All In The Family" . The show was then canceled and aired its final episode on March 23rd, 1974.

What is the movie cyberbully rated?

It is probably rated like PG-13 as of all movies are rated on ABC Family.

Where to find movie pop rocks debuted over the ABC family channel on September 2004?

Its not available. I spent a month trying to order it, rent it, watch it on-line, etc. I finally called ABC headquaters and after about 30 minutes of talking to various folks, they finally told me that ABC does not release previous made for family movies and have no plans to do so in the future. That was in late 2011 when they told me this. I periodically peruse the web to see if I can find the movie, and other ABC family movies from the past few years and not been successful.

When was ABC Family created?

ABC Family was created in 1977.

Is there a site where you can watch Holiday in Handcuffs?

It's not on abc family right now but you can either go to watch movies .com or you tube also has it

Where can you watch kids movies?

A word of the wise of where you can watch kids movies. A simple way is to go to the movies. You can watch Rango or even just Mr.Popper's Penguins, but if you just want some family time at home with a good kids movie, you can get a good movie on ABC Family, Disney Channel, or Halmark Channel.

What channel is ABC family on rogers?

ABC Family is only in the US.

What channel ABC Family is on in Direct TV?

ABC Family is channel 311 on DirecTV.

When does desperate housewives start?

9pm on Sunday nights on ABC.

Where can one one find a schedule for the ABC family channel?

One can find a schedule for the ABC Family channel online on the the ABC Family website. Schedule for the ABC Family channel may also be available in one's local newspaper.

Where can a teen go to watch free movies?

There are many places one can go to watch free movies online. A few are Yidio, Cartoon Network, ABC Family, Crackster, Viewster and the popular Anime Flavor.

Is ABC family still on basic cable?

ABC Family is on basic cable and has many shows that are good for families. Shows on ABC Family can also be watched online.

Why aren't more Chistmas movies on during the holidays?

Turner Classic Movies, AMC, Lifetime, ABC Family all televise Holiday movies. NBC televises "It's a Wonderful Life" twice each December and TBS shows "A Christmas Story".

When does Greys Anatomy episodes start?

9pm on Thursday nights on ABC.

What channel is ABC family on without cable?

ABC family is on channel 311 for directv.

What channel is AFV on?

abc and abc family

What channel number is ABC Family for starchoice In Canada?

There isn't one on Starchoice. Theres other ABC channels. Everything but ABC family..

What channel is ABC family on in cox?

if you have cox in tulsa then ABC family is on channel 8, ktul