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Triceps Muscle

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Q: What muscle do you use to bend your forearm toward your shoulder?
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How are muscles jointed?

Muscles are not jointed, though the bones they attach to may be. For example, your biceps muscle attaches to both your scapula (shoulder blade) and radius (one of the forearm bones). Contracting the muscle causes the elbow joint to bend.

What activities can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome?

activities which cause an individual to repeatedly bend the wrist inward toward the forearm can predispose to carpal tunnel syndrome.

What is similar between the forearm and shin?

They both bend.

Function of the trapezius?

Functions of the Trapezius Muscle:The trapezius muscle has several functions:to move the shoulder blade in toward the spineto rotate the shoulder blade so that the topmost part of the upper arm faces upto move the shoulder blade up and downto bring the head and neck in a backward directionto rotate and side bend the neckto assist in breathing

What forearm muscles are used to turn a can opener handle?

The flexor digitorum profundus is a muscle in the forearm that flexes the fingers and holds the handle.The flexor carpi radialis and extensor carpi radialis longus allow you 'bend' the wrist as you turn the handle.

What could cause you to lose strength in your bicep?

Believe it or not, the bicep muscle has almost nothing to do with arm strength. That muscle is mostly responsible for allowing you to bend your arm or flex it towards your shoulder.

What is the function of biceps brachii?

The function of the biceps brachii is to flex your arm at the elbow. However, even though that is the most visible muscle, the brachialis muscle is considered the prime mover in flexing at the elbow.

When you bend you elbow what is the tricep muscle acting as in relation to the biceps muscle?

when you bend your elbow, what is the triceps muscle acting as in relation to the biceps muscle

What is the difference between muscle flexing and muscle extension?

Inn other words muscle flexing can be called muscle shortening and extension when muscle is elongating. For example when you bend you arm towards your shoulder your bicep muscle is shortening and you can feel a bump. When you extend your arm you can feel that the bump is stretching out and disappearing, that is muscle extension.

Muscles that bend a limb are called?

muscles bend limbs by pulling, they can not push. the answer is; a muscle is a muscle.

What happens to your triceps when you bend your arm at the elbow?

Tricep contracts when you extend your forearm and the biceps relax. The two are reversed if you elevate your forearm

What is the muscle that causes parts of the body to bend?

A flexor is a muscle that causes a joint to bend. In contrast, an extension is a muscle that straightens a joint.

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