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muscular system

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Q: What muscle helps you straighten your arm at the elbow?
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What muscle that flexes the elbow?

your tricep flexes at the elbow when you straighten your arm

What muscle works to straighten your arm and elbow?

The tricep is the main muscle used to straighten the arm, The tricep stretches out and the bicep contracts to make the arm straighten out

Which muscles straighten the arm?

If you mean the elbow, the prime mover at the elbow (main muscle) to extend (straighten) it is the triceps.

How do skeletal muscles work as a pair to bend and straighten the arm at the elbow?

When you bend your elbow, the biceps muscle contracts. At the same time the antagonist muscle, that is the triceps muscle relaxes in synchronized manner. Vise verse action take place, when you straighten the arm at the elbow. Triceps contracts and biceps relaxes.

How does your triceps help you bend your arm?

Triceps does not help to bend your arm. It helps to straighten your upper limb across the elbow.

Is the Triceps a muscle?

The triceps is the muscle at the back of your upper arm. It works to straighten your arm at the elbow.Yes, the tricep is located on the back of your arm in between your elbow and shoulder, closer to your shoulder though.

Which muscle are you using when you straighten your arm?

Your triceps contracts and the biceps lengthens when you straighten your arm. Extensor is the muscle which contracts to straighten a limb.

What is the main function of the triceps?

To straighten the arm at the elbow.

What muscle bends in your elbow when it contracts?

The Biceps brachii muscle. We just call it the biceps, though. (Pronounced bye-seps) To straighten the arm again, the triceps muscle is contracted - which lies 'underneath' the upper arm.

where in the muscles would you find triceps?

They are the opposite muscle to the biceps. If you bend your arm to make the muscle on the top (the biceps) bulge, the muscle on the bottom (the triceps) relaxes. The triceps is on the back of your arm, and is used to straighten the elbow.

What happens to the triceps when you put your arm down?

Putting your arm down engages the triceps. The primary function of this muscle is to allow you to straighten your arm at the elbow. The tricep is the antagonist of the bicep.

What is the function of biceps brachii?

The function of the biceps brachii is to flex your arm at the elbow. However, even though that is the most visible muscle, the brachialis muscle is considered the prime mover in flexing at the elbow.

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