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Q: What muscle pair helps you move your arm?
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In a muscle pair the muscles work in opposition to each other?

Yes, muscle pairs work in opposition to one another. The lengthening of the biceps, for instance, shortens the triceps. That helps move your arm.

What is the muscle that helps move the arm over the head?

deltoid, pectoralis, trapz

What muscle helps you move your arm toward your body?

pectoralis major dkfja

What happens when you move your arms but the muscle doesn't move?

You cannot move your arm without using the muscle. Unless you use your other arm to move it. You may not be able to see the muscle move, but it must contract in order for the arm to move.

Were does deltoid take place in the body?

Deltoid is a muscle which is located in the upper part of your arm near the shoulder joint. It helps to move your arm upwards.

What muscle is The triangular muscle that helps to lift your arm above your head is?

The Deltoid Muscle

What would be the antagonist to the muscle that flexes the arm would be a muscle that?

Looks like you are looking for the antagonistic pair. The muscular group that flexes the arm would be the antagonistic pair of tricep brachi and the brachialis.

What does the muscle pair do to move the arm?

Well you have two muscles in your arm: the bicep and tricep. In order to make the arm move the two muscles must flex while the other extends and vice versa. So the bicep flexes and the tricep extends (the arm is bent). The bicep extends and the tricep flexes (the arm is straight)

What muscle that helps raise the arm?

Triceps help you raise the arm and biceps help you lower the arm.

Is a upper arm a involuntary muscle or a voluntary muscle?

voluntary, a typical person can move it at will.

What muscle helps you straighten your arm at the elbow?

muscular system

What is the function of arm bones?

They are a part of your body and your bones. And your arm bones also lead your arm and muscle to move.

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