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The muscles that horizontally flex the shoulder are the Pectoralis Major and the coracobrachialis.

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Anterior Deltoid

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Q: What muscles are involved in horizontal flexion?
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What muscles act in plantar flexion?

popliteus is not involved in plantarflexion...its involved in leg flexion

What muscles cause horizontal adduction in the shoulder?

The major muscles involved in horizontal adduction or flexion is the anterior deltoid fibres, pectoralis major and minor. Bicep complex(bbicep brachii, brachioradialis and forearm flexor) comes into action as synergists, if the leverage is long.The antagonists of horizontal flexion is posterior deltoid fibres,teres major, minor, lats and the associated rotator cuff muscle(infraspinatus)

How would you describe the horizontal flexion movements?

A flexion preformed across the horizontal plane.

What three muscles are involved in flexion of the elbow joint?

biceps brachii,corahobrachialis,biseps

Horizontal abduction of the glenohumeral joint. What muscles are involved?

Coracobrachialis Muscle

What is the function for the Gastonemius muscles?

plantar flexion and knee flexion

What are the agonists muscles for shoulder extension?

The Pectoralis major (clavicular head), coracobrachialis, and biceps brachia are the synergists for shoulder flexion. For horizontal flexion, the Anterior deltoid is the synergist muscle.

What muscles are agonists in plantar flexion?

The opposite of plantar flexion is dorsiflexion. Plantar flexion means to increase the angle at the ankle, as in tip-toeing. The muscles involved in dorsiflexion (picking up the toes) are:tibialis anterior muscleextensor hallucis longus muscleextensor digitorum longus muscleperoneus tertius

Which muscles of the posterior compartment cause flexion of knee?

Which muscles of the posterior compartment cause flexion of knee?Read more:Which_muscles_of_the_posterior_compartment_cause_flexion_of_knee

What is flexion and rotation?

Flexion is when you flex your arms, thighs, and other muscles. Rotation is when you rotate your joints, bending or twisting you muscles.

Prime movers of planter flexion of the foot?

extensor digitorum longus, the extensor hallucus longus and the peroneus tertius muscles help dorsi flexiontibialis anterior

When you plantar flex a foot what changes occur within the muscles involved?

Plantar flexion is the act of flexing the muscles of the toe and foot toward the sole. the muscles involved in this process are often stretched which for some, can reduce heel pain and the pain caused by flat feet.