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Any muscles in your arms.

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Q: What muscles are used for shoulder press?
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What muscles do shoulder press work?

The shoulder press works the upper body muscles such as the deltoids and the triceps. The shoulder press also involves the core muscles.

What muscles does the incline bench press work?

the incline bench press focuses on the upper pectorals, and the upper back and shoulder muscles.

What muscles are used for shoulder circles?

I think that the muscles used for shoulder circles are the deltoids the biceps and the triceps. Hope i helped :D

Which muscles are used in a golf swing?

All Of Your Arm Muscles, Leg Muscles, And Shoulder Muscles.

Which muscles are used when you play water polo?

Mostly shoulder muscles and leg muscles.

What muscles are used in motocross racing?

you can use all of them, but your hamstrings and shoulder muscles are used the most.

What muscles are used when playing pickle ball?

Triceps, shoulder muscles, forearm muscles, biceps.

What joints are used in a bench press?


What muscles are used for playing tennis?

All muscles are used, especially arm, shoulder, neck and back muscles, as well as abdominal muscles, and leg muscles.

What muscles cause horizontal adduction of the shoulder?

There are four muscles used for horizontal adduction of the shoulder. These muscles are the pectorals major, middle deltoid, latissimus dorsi, and coracobrachilis.

Shoulder muscles are called?

deltoids are the back shoulder muscles and trapezoids are the muscles around the shoulder/neck/back area

What muscles does a arm bench press work?

If you are referring to the dumbbell bench press, which works both arms independently, then the muscles being worked are mainly the pectoral and tricep muscles. Other muscles that are indirectly involved are the shoulder (deltoids and trapezius) and the lats (latissimus dorsi).

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