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Cross trainers work out many muscles but mainly they work out the abdominal and arm muscles.

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Q: What muscles do cross trainers work out?
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How do elliptical trainers shape the rear muscles?

Elliptical trainers shape the rear muscles by having a person walk and run. The motion of an elliptical trainer makes the entire leg and rear muscles work.

What do Americans call trainers?

Sneakers, tennis shoes or cross trainers.

Are elliptical trainers good for cross training?

Elliptical trainers are supposed to be very good for persons with knee problems. As you never leave the ground there is much less impact while you exercise, therefore you are working the muscles, not the joints.

What parts of the body does cross country work?

when you run cross country it works your legs, calves and your back muscles.

What are the benefits of using elliptical cross trainers?

The benefits of using an elliptical cross trainer is that you may exercise your muscles without causing too much pressure on the joints. This greatly decreases the chance of an impact injury

What is the best brand cross trainers?


What is the best brand of cross trainers?

The best brand of cross trainers are Avia brand. They have extra cushion in the heel making for comfort while training. They also have a flexible outsole. They have great reviews among those who have tried many brands of cross trainers.

What exactly is an octane elliptical?

An octane elliptical is a type of cross trainer. Cross trainers are fitness equipment which work out all of the body by stretching both legs and arms simultaneously.

What companies produce compact elliptical cross trainers?

The companies that produce compact elliptical cross trainers are Bowflex, TreadClimber, and Proform. These companies are the best in the world at what they do.

Do abdominal trainers also work on your biceps?

Yes they do. When you are working with weights for your biceps, it also has effect on your stomach muscles. This is getting two workouts for one.

What are the main benefits of using elliptical trainers?

Elliptical trainers benefit people looking for a good cardio workout and strengthening your core muscles.

Where can personal trainers work?


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