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Quads are one of the most important. But especially for epeeists (especially during those energetic 4-minute bouts, 3min +1min overtime) shoulder, bicep, and forearm muscles are helpful if you don't want to get sluggish and have issues holding the weapon up.

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What is a fencing blade?

a fencing blade is the weapon in which they use in fencing.

What is the best material to use for new fencing?

There are many different materials to use for ranch fencing depending on what type of animals you are trying to contain. Two options are wire fencing and split rail fencing.

In fighting do they use swords?


Who made up fencing?

Fencing essentially began with the creation of the sword. Since then, the use of the sword in a battle between two people can generally be called fencing.

In which sport do you use a epee?

In Epee fencing.

What muscles are used in cheering?

you use your leg muscles alot and your arm muscles. you use your leg muscles alot and your arm muscles.

A fundamental thrust move in fencing?

The most common method of thrusting forward in the sport of fencing makes use of the lunge.

What weapon did Zoro use?

I believe it was a fencing rapier.

In which sport do competitors use bells and hoods?


What muscles do you use while biking?

You use the muscles in your body.

A game that doesn't use a ball?

Badminton, Fencing, Archery

What size of screw do you use in cedar fencing?

2" inch

Can you use exterior wood paint on wooden fencing?

Yes, you can.

What sport starting with f do you use foil and Sabre?


Do people still use swords?

Yes, the sport of fencing uses swords and the United States Fencing Association has over 20,000 members.

How do you use your muscles?

Well you really pretty much only use yourArm musclesfinger muscles!!:) :) :)

Which wood is used for fencing?

most economical fencing uses treated pine, to resist rot & insects in higher priced fencing they also use redwood, cypress, etc which are naturally decay and insect resistant

What muscles you use when you run?

u use your upper leg muscles.

How many muscles do you use when you speak?

you use about 72 muscles when you speak

Do you use muscles to think?

Its pretty obvious, and your brain think not your muscles and your brain tells your muscles what to do so no you don't use muscles to think.

Where did fencing originate?

The answer depends on your definition of fencing. Modern fencing, also called Olympic fencing, originated in France.

What 3 muscles do you use when doing the sit and reach stretch?

You use your calf muscles, hamstrings, hip muscles.

What do people use in fencing Olympics?

Three weapons are used in Olympic Fencing, the foil, sabre and épée. Athletes also use protective clothing. All the details are shown on the related link.

What muscles do you use when you run?

Skeletal muscles.

What muscles do you use when drumming?

your wrist muscles

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