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There is a museum for Judy Garland in her hometown Grand Rapids, MN.

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What are some monuments or memorials that honor Laura Ingalls Wilder?

There is a museum that is a rebuilt Laura Ingalls house in honor of her.

Why do you have memorials?

we have memorials to honor the people who took advantages and foughted.

Are there any memorials monuments buildings cities etc that are named in Benjamin Franklin's honor?

I believe Benjamin Franklin is one one of the faces on Mount Rushmore.

How many presidents have memorials?

Here in the united states we take pride in our founding father and the things that they did and accomplished in order for this country to become what it has. And as proud Americans we have build monuments to honor those that are no longer with us. With the light research that I have done I have counted 21 monuments honoring our past presidents.

How are special days to honor saints ranked?

In order, most important first: Solemnities, Feasts, Memorials and Optional Memorials.

What are three of the memorials that honor a famous person?

well the three of the memorials are the washington monument, lincoln memorial, and the jeffereson memorial.

Why did the egyptians build monuments?

Egyptians built monuments to honor their gods and people of renown. Even the pyramids were built to honor the pharaohs who were buried there.

Three monuments in Washington DC were erected in honor of what three men?

Three presidential memorials are: the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial. There is also a fourth memorial for Franklin Roosevelt, his memorial is has the only presidential pet to be memorialized.

What are two memorials that honor George Washington?

The Washington Monument and Mount Rushmore.

What is the function of the National Cemetery Administration?

Honor deceased veterans with proper barials and memorials

What are three memorials that honor famous people in dc?

The Lincoln Memorial, The Jefferson Memorial, and the Washington Monument.

What 3 monuments in washingtondc were erected in honor of what men?

There are monuments to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Frankin D. Roosevelt. I am sure there are plenty of other monuments to other men and women as well. The city is filled with monuments and statues.

Why national landmarks and monuments are important?

National landmarks and monuments show the best of a society and celebrates the people who helped create that society. The monuments honor the builders, the men/women who fought in wars, and heros.

Why do people make monuments?

To honor someone who is a hero to their nation, or important people(s)

Why were monuments built?

Monuments are built to honor the memory of a historic person or event. The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC is a very good example of a monument dedicated to a person.

What three memorials in Washington D.C. honor a famous person?

Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and Jefferson Memorial.

Are any memorials built in honor of Teddy Roosevelt?

He's one of the four whose likenesses were sculpted out of Mount Rushmore.

Law referring to the putting up monuments in honor to rizal?

Act 346 authorizing a government subscription for the erection of a national monument in Rizal's honor

Are there any monuments named after Sally Ride?

No, but two Elementary Schools have been named in her honor.

What do veterans do to be remembered?

Veterans can go to the schools and tell the students what a veteran is and some of their experiences during the wars. Also, veterans can attend parades and services in their honor and to remember those who lost their lives. They can also attend societies that were created by veterans for veterans, like the American Legion. They go to parades on significant holidays and observances, and can see monuments and memorials are erected and maintained to honor the fallen in the cause they, themselves fought for.

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