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The IDE drive has no direct correlation to the AGP bus.

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Q: What must an IDE hard drive have in order for an AGP slot?
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Does xbox 360 Kinect 4gb have a removable hard drive?

there is a hdd slot on one of the vents

Can you transfer info between 2 hard drives?

Yes, you can use the slave slot for the other hard drive u nid to use an IDE cable or SATA2 cable if your hard drive is in SATA2

How is a hard drive connected to a portable computer?

It just slides in to a slot on most, but overall dependent on the model.

What is the purpose of an extension slot?

so you can add other cards, hard drive, drives in general, and other stuff.

Which factors should considered when selecting a new video adapter?

expansion slot typetype of hard drive installed

Where do you put the memory card in the memory slot on a dell laptop?

at the laptop store or it should of came with your laptop

Could A PC card slot contain a hard disk drive?

if your talking about cardbus/pcmcia then yes. small hard drives are available but are pretty much obsolete now

If you broke your PS3 how would you get the memory off of it so you could put it on another PS3?

Look on the side of your ps3 and there should be a slot where a hard drive is inserted... Unscrew the cover and remove the hard-drive before inserting it into your new ps3...

Can you have more then 1 hard drive?

It depends on what type of computer you have, but generally, yes. If you have a desktop computer and it has a single hard drive, then more than likely it has a second slot inside where you can add a second hard drive. There will already be an IDE cable inside that allows you to hook the second hard drive up to your computer. If you have a laptop, then you probably can't add a second internal hard drive because there is not room in the case. However, you can add an external hard drive. These are small self-contained units that connect to your computer with a USB cable and allow you to store additional information.

How do you get information from one hard drive to another?

It depends on what your setup is. If you have two computers, and you want to transfer data between them, you should be able to network the computers and copy the files directly. If you just have a hard drive and want to copy some data to your computer, you can install the drive into your computer (assuming you have a slot for the drive, an available data cable for the drive and and available power connector.

Where do you plug in your hard disc?

In the hard disk slot, I think.

What is an external drive bay?

When referencing a computer case design, an external drive bay is one that is accessible from outside the computer, such as a drive bay that houses an optical drive (CD or DVD). An internal drive bay is not accessible from outside the computer, such as a bay that houses a hard drive. There is no need to have physical access to the hard drive so it does not need a "door to the outside" like a CD or DVD drive.