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Q: What myrths was Hera in?
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Did Hera go by any other names?

Hera had many epithets and titles, including:Queen of HeavenQueen of the ImmortalsHera Aegophagus (goat-eater)Hera Akraia (of the height)Hera Alexandros (defender of men)Hera Ammo'niaHera Antheia (flowery)Hera Aphrodite (of Aphrodite)Hera Argeia (of Argos)Hera Argoia (of the ship Argo)Hera Ataurote (unbulled, i.e., virgin)Hera Basileia (queen)Hera Boopis (cow-eyed)Hera Bounaia (from a temple set up by Bounos)Hera Chera (widow)Hera Gamelia (of marriage)Hera Heniokhe (charioteer)Hera Hippia (of the horses)Hera Hyperkheiria (she whose hand is above)Hera Imbrasia (from the river Imbrasus)Hera Krusothronos (golden-throned)Hera Kypra (of Cupra)Hera Lakinia (of Lakinios)Hera Nympheuomene (betrothed bride)Hera Olympia (of Olympia)Hera Pais (girl)Hera Parthenia (maiden)Hera PelasgisHera Pharygaea (of Pharygaia)Hera Prodromia (of the pioneer)Hera Samia (of Samos)Hera Sikelia (of Sicily)Hera TelchiniaHera Teleia (full-grown)Hera Zygia (yoked, i.e., married)Source:

What is Hera's bio?

What is the symbol of Hera

Where was Hera the goddess from?

hera was from greece

Is hera realeted to Athena and how?

Athena is the niece of Hera; Zeus is the brother of Hera.

Why did Zeus want to marry hera?

Zues did not marry hera. zeus slept with hera therefore hera covered it up by marrying him.

Who is Hera spouse?

Hera’s spouse is Zeus, king of the gods.

What would be a good slogan for Hera?

"Home is where Hera is" might be a good slogan for Hera.

Why is a peacock scared of hera?

Hera is the goddess of peacocks, so peacocks are not scared of Hera

What is the goddess hera planet?

Hera did not have a planet.

What does hera symbolize?

Hera symbolized the family

Who was the husband of Hera?

Zeus was the husband of Hera.

What is the greek name for Juno?


Hera who is she?

Hera is a goddess of marriages and childbirth.

Are hera married?

Hera is married to Zeus.

Hera is a goddess of what?

Hera is a goddess of marriage.

What is Hera's full name?

Hera Argeia

Hera was the god of what?

Hera is the goddess of marriage.

What is hera animal?

the animal for hera is a peacock.

Who married Hera?

Zeus was married to Hera.

Is hera is virgin?

ask hera directly....

Is Hera a mortal or a god?

Hera is a Goddess.

What is 'Hera' in Greek writing?

Hera in greek is 'Ηρα.

What is the planet name of Hera?

There is not a planet named for Hera.

Is Hera a egyptitain goddesses?

No, Hera is a Greek goddess.

What is hera the god of?

Hera is the Goddess of Childbirth and Marriage.