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sino ang may akda ng kung bakit nasa ilalim ng lupa ang ginto
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What is the name for the official residence of a bishop?

There really isn't a standard universal name for a bishops residence, in the same meaning of the word 'residence' as is commonly used in meaning 'where does he sleep?'. Some places it can be an historical palace, in others it can be an apartment. In developing countries, it may well be less than tha ( Full Answer )

What is a bishop?

Catholic Answer . A Bishop is a man who was a priest and has been consecrated by another Bishop in the Apostolic succession. He enjoins the fullness of Christ's priesthood and rules over a diocese as a successor to the Apostles. . from Modern Catholic Dictionary by John A. Hardon, S.J. ( Full Answer )

Who plays nala in the Lion King?

The following actresses/singers are: Niketa Calame (young Nala's speaking voice) Moira Kelly (adult Nala's speaking voice) Laura Williams (young Nala's singing voice in "I Just Can't Wait to be King") Sally Dworksy (adult Nala's singing voice in "Can You Feel the Love Tonight")

Who are the bishops?

Bishops are a clergyman higher in rank than a priest in the hierarchy of their church.

In The Lion King Who Is Nala?

Its the little girl lion who Simba plays with. They eventually end up marrying. Moira Kelly .

What do you do as a bishop?

In the Catholic Church a Diocesan Bishop confirms, ordains Priests, administers a diocese, preaches the Holy Gospel, performs visitations of monasteries, convents, and seminaries, instructs the faithful in sound doctrine, and performs other Priestly duties as well. An auxiliary Bishop of a dioces ( Full Answer )

Is Bishop Bernard Jordan real or phony?

phony People hear what they want to hear, he likes to speak on general issues involving wealth loved ones, business, and other things that the average person would be concerned about. I have personally witnessed him saying stuff like: "The Lord is about to reveal a mighty blessing he has in stor ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the bishop?

A titular archbishop is the diocesan bishop of a diocese that is anon-metropolitan archdiocese. The name of the bishop of ArchbishopCelestine Damiano of New Jersey.

What does a Bishop do?

Bishops generally oversee a diocese, and tend to the clergy as well as the parishes within that diocese... in this sense, you can think of a bishop as a Catholic "district manager". There are some ceremonies that they carry out that priests don't usually do, such as confirmations; they also sometime ( Full Answer )

What is Nala from the Lion Kings moms name?

...it may be Sarafina now that I think about it. (it sounds familiar to me enough), If not try and see if you can watch the movie or ask some of your friends. Yes it is definitely Sarafina. It says it at: http://www.animationsource.org/lion_king/en/articles/Who_is_Nala_s_father/81860.html&id_f ( Full Answer )

What was the Bishop surname named after?

The English surname Bishop was bestowed upon those involved in amedieval play (portrayal of a bishop), or a person with anecclesiastical bearing. It is first found in the ancient records ofWorcestershire, where they'd held a family seat prior to the NormanConquest in 1066 A.D.

How did the name Bishop of Rome emerge?

The office of bishop is described in the New Testament:. This saying is trustworthy: whoever aspires to the office of bishop desires a noble task. (1 Timothy 3:1). For a bishop as God's steward must be blameless, not arrogant, not irritable, not a drunkard, not aggressive, not greedy for sordid ga ( Full Answer )

Why simba didn't sleep with nala?

Because it's a cartoon movie, not a nature documentary. He did. It was offscreen. How else could they have had a baby?

Why simba didn't kiss nala?

Nala did kiss Simba on the face, they are not humans and they don't kiss like humans, they lick........... Oh, your talking about Simba kissing Nala, oh, well, they already hug enough.......... Anyway, at least Nala kissed Simba. because she sucked c0ck and simba didnt want to taste lion c0ck

How many people in the world are named Nala?

It is impossible to say how many people have a certain name. Not all countries register all births and record such things. Nor is there any centralised register. In addition similar names can be totally different in different languages and contractions of names differ from place to place.

Who is nalas dad?

The Lion King directors, Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, stated Nala's father could be Mufasa or Scar even though Simba and Nala would be related and neither Scar nor Mufasa acknowledge Nala as their daughter. So, you can accept what the directors said as "canon" or leave it to fanfiction which may s ( Full Answer )

Who is nalas father?

The Lion King directors Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff stated during a Lion King 10th Anniversary Reunion discussion panel that it could be either Mufasa or Scar. Despite this "canon" claim, Nala would be related to Simba and Scar nor Mufasa acknowledge Nala as their daughter in the film so the myste ( Full Answer )

What is the name of your bishop?

Nicholas DiMarzio is the Bishop of Brooklyn, but Timothy Dolan is by far better known by Brooklynites, although he is the Bishop of New York.

What is the name of Bishop Vernon Ashe church?

He is primarily catholic, but he does preach at some christian and catholic churches. He is over several churches. Perhaps you are speaking of his church called St. Magdala in fresno, ca.

Who played Nala in the Lion King?

The voice of the adult Nala was performed by Moira Kelly, the voice of the young Nala was performed by Niketa Calame.

What is karina's real name for real?

While there are many women named Karina, you may be referring to the Grammy-nominated singer who goes by that name. Her real name is Karina Pasian.

Does the Bible name a woman bishop?

No. . 1 Timothy 3:1 - This is a faithful saying: If a man desires the position of a bishop, he desires a good work. . Paul goes on to stipulate that they must be "the husband of one wife" (v.2), and have "children in submission" (v.4).

How old is Nala?

You have to be 9-11 years old to be young Nala on the Lion King on Broadway, and 4"2 tall.

Are nala and simba cousins?

There is no official statement about their relation other than the movie's content, but as that evidently has them have an arranged marriage, fall in love and have a child together - the answer is very likely an absolute NO. It's a Walt Disney cartoon and Disney is a kid-friendly company. It has no ( Full Answer )

What do the bishops do?

In the Catholic Church a Diocesan Bishop confirms, ordains Priests, administers a diocese, preaches the Holy Gospel, performs visitations of monasteries, convents, and seminaries, instructs the faithful in sound doctrine, and performs other Priestly duties as well. An auxiliary Bishop of a dioces ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the Irish arch bishop?

Ireland has many archbishops. These are the 4 Catholic Archbishops and their arch dioceses: Archbishop Dermot Clfford of Cashel and Emly, Cardinal Sean Brady of Armagh, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin and Archbishop Michael Neary of Tuam. There are also many other bishops. There are two p ( Full Answer )

How can you be bishop?

The Pope appoints you and you are consecrated a Bishop by the Pope along with two others Bishops assisting him, or by whichever three Bishops he chooses in his place.

Is Bishop James A Orr from Brooklyn NY a real Prophet?

Yes, he is. I met him about a year ago in SC and with the power Godhas given him he delivered me from all types of sickness. He hasalso prophesied 2 of my children and many more things in my life.He has helped my family in many different ways. When you attend hisservices you can feel the power of th ( Full Answer )

What are the similarities between Ophelia and Nala?

Although Ophelia and Nala have different personalities and portrayals, both characters are similar to each other because they are the lover of the protagonist, Hamlet and Simba. Another similiarity (or more like an allusion) is that in The Lion King , Nala is thrown into a pool during the "Can You ( Full Answer )

What does Meega nala kwishta mean?

the phrase, "Meega nala queesta" means "I want to destroy" in Stitch's language, Tantalog. It is also considered "The Queen Mother of Stitchian Curses"

Will -i -am real name?

will i am isn't a real name but William is its just a nick name will i am sad people use it lol x

Who is Nalas mate from the Lion King?

Simba is Nala's mate. They had two cubs, Kopa and Kiara. It is unknown what happened to Kopa. Some people think Zira killed him and others think Zira attacked him but he lived and started a pride of his own. Kiara is in The second movie.

How does nala help in the Lion King?

Nala helped during the film by trying to convince Simba to take his place as king. Although, it didn't work, but it did lead Simba to seeing his father's spirit which really convinces him to take his rightful place. She also helps by fighting off the hyenas during the climatic battle towards the end ( Full Answer )

What are nala from the Lion King strengths?

Nala's strengths in The Lion King are that she is independent, spunky, a bit smarter and stronger than Simba, and brave enough to leave her homeland to find help.

Who plays Nala in Lion King?

Moira Kelly is the voice of the adult Nala, and Niketa Calame is the voice of young Nala, in the movie.

What are John Bishops kids names?

Joe, Luke and Daniel. I surfed the internet for quite a while to find that out for you! Joe is 16, Luke is 14, and Daniel is 12. Merry Christmas! :)

What does the name nala mean in English?

As a girl's name, Nala means gift in Swahili. It was also the name of Simba's childhood friend in The Lion King. As a boy's name, Nala was an emperor in Hindu mythology.

Does the name Nala suite a female puppie?

Is she ferocious like the lioness? Than absolutely. :) I love the name Nala, but I personally think unless the personality can surpass THE Nala...then I think of something else. But thats just me and my ridiculous morals. So if you like it han absolutely. The puppie will just be even more adorable~

How did Nala meet Simba?

Simba and Nala apparently first met when they were young cubs when they were growing up in the Pride Lands. In the film, this isn't seen, as they are already close friends by the time we first see Nala.

Is Nala Cat cute?

Yes, Nala Cat is cute. You can follow Nala Cat on Instagram, Facebook , and possibly Twitter for cute pics of Nala Cat.

Who was the voice of Nala in The Lion King?

There are actually two nalas in the movie. There is an adult Nala who is played by Moria kelley, then there is Nikete Calame who plays the younger nala.

What is after bishop?

There are only three orders of the Holy Orders, the first isDeacon, the second is priesthood, and the third (AND FINAL) isBishop. Every single Archbishop, Cardinal, and Pope are all justBishops when it comes right down to it. Archbishop, Cardinal, andPope are three "ranks" if you will, above that of ( Full Answer )