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A 'Chip Shot' or a 'Pitch Shot'

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What is the name for one shot under par?

For a round of golf- one under. For a given hole- a birdie.

What is the name of the first shot on a golf hole?

It would be called the tee shot or drive.

What is another name for an air shot in golf?

A whiff. No other name for it really.

Lay up shot is a term associated with what game?

A lay-up is a form of basketball shot.A "lay-up shot" is a golf term for a shot short of the green when it cannot be reached for some reason.

What is a shank in golf terms?

A shank is a shot in golf, which you do not want to hit. It is a shot in which the ball is struck in between the hossel and the heel of the golf club, it causes the ball to go to the right (if a right handed golfer), but it goes at about a 45 degree angle and goes a relatively short distance.

What is a stroke in golf?

A strock in golf is called a shot

How was japan given its name?

it was shot in the face then raped

What is the name given to tennis short which is executed just after the ball drop?

When the shot is played just as the ball has hit the court, it's called a half volley.

Where can I find quality golf lessons being offered in Detroit, Michigan?

Some places that have gold classes are Next Shot Golf Center and The New Rogell Golf Course. Another good one in the area is given at at Beech Woods Golf Course.

When was Best Shot Pro Golf created?

Best Shot Pro Golf was created on 1996-06-14.

What is chipping in golf?

Chipping in golf is when you are near the green, but not on it yet. You need to use a lofted wedge to get the ball close to the pin. Chipping usually does not involve a full on swing. It's a short shot.

Which is better in golf - a bogie or a birdie?

A birdie - a bogey is one shot over par on a given hole, and a birdie is one shot under par on a given hole - so, a bogey is two shots worse than a birdie.

Second chance for first shot in Golf?

A second chance at your first shot in golf is referred to as a "mulligan". Of course, it is not within the Rules of Golf, but weekend players do it all the time.

What is a drop shot in golf?

A drop shot is when you lose a shot to par, i.e a bogey or worse.

Are golf drivers rare?

no they aren't. Every single golf players has to have a driver to play the first shot in golf

What is the golf term for a swing and a miss?

An air shot. It counts as one shot.

How much is a stroke in golf?

One stroke is one shot or attempted shot.

What is the penalty for hitting a shot out of bounds in golf?

One shot penalty and you must replay the previous shot.

How do you hook a golf shot?

making an in to out swing.

What is a distemper shot?

A distemper shot is a shot given to puppies to prevent them from getting distemper, which can be fatal. It is then given annually as a booster shot.

What is an ob in golf?

This stands for out of bounds. It is an area of the golf course or off the golf course which is not in play. If you hit your ball out of bounds, you cannot play your next shot from there, you must re-hit your shot from the place you originally played from. There is a one shot penalty for hitting out of bounds.

When did Best Shot Pro Golf happen?

Best Shot Pro Golf happened in 1996.

What is a Zero in golf?

It means that you shot par for the course.

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