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Sea Dogs

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Q: What name was given to English sea captains who attacked Spanish ships?
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A name given to the English pirates by the spanish was?


How do you spell Miguel in english?

The Spanish given name Miguel has the English equivalent Micheal.

What was the name given to the British soldiers that attacked Spanish ships for gold?

These soldiers and navy men were called privateers.

What is the English translation of los pitufos?

The Spanish phrase "los pitufos" can be translated into the English language as "the Smurfs". This is the Spanish name given the the characters and franchise.

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Who was the English sea captain that attacked the Spanish gold ships?

Sir Francis Drake is well known for his plunder of the Spanish gold ships. He is famed as a privateer and was the first person to defeat the great Spanish ship Armada. He went on a voyage round the world and returned with lots of treasures and loots. He was knighted by the Queen herself and was given the title of Sir, for his achievements.

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