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Q: What name was given to President Jackson's practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs?
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The practice by Jackson and others of rewarding political supporters with jobs was called?


What was term give for Jackson's policy of rewarding his supporters with government jobs?


Rewarding party supporters with benefits, like government jobs, is known as?

the spoils system

What happened with the spoil system?

Andrew Jackson used the spoils system. While presidents before him chose the best people for their cabinet, Jackson chose the people who helped him win the election. This unofficial group of advisors were called the "Kitchen Cabinet". The spoils system was the practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs.

What did Jackson's practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs become known as?

It is commonly called the "spoils system" based on the adage that "to the victors go the spoils" (rewards from winning). It can also be called "political patronage" where jobs and public contracts are given to political supporters, and especially to contributors.

What was the effect of the spoils system?

When the president gives an easy government or federal job to someone who helped him or her financially when they were running for president.

What is the practice of rewarding government jobs to loyal supporters of the party that wins an election?

The spoils system involves loyal supporters of a politician being rewarded upon successful election with jobs in the government position or official honors and powers awarded. This is common in the American political system although it is not officially condoned.

What is the spoil systems?

The spoils system was a practice where people were given government jobs on the basis of their political support. The system of employing and promoting civil servants who are friends and supporters of the group in power.

Which term describe s the practice of victorious politicians rewarding their followers with government jobs?

This practice is known as "patronage" or "the spoils system," where politicians give out government positions to their supporters as a form of reward for their loyalty and political contributions. It has been criticized for promoting corruption and inefficiency in government administration.

What was the practice of rewarding supporters with jobs?


What is the term used to describe how Andrew Jackson appointed all his supporters?

The term commonly used to describe how Andrew Jackson appointed his supporters is "spoils system" or "patronage." This system involved rewarding political allies and loyalists with government positions and public offices, regardless of their qualifications or merit, in order to consolidate political power and maintain loyalty within his administration.

What is the process of rewarding political support for lucrative government jobs called?

The Spoil System