What names does justin bieber hate for a girl?

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2011-02-12 01:30:50

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He doesnt hate any girl he Treats them with Respect

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2011-02-12 01:30:50
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Q: What names does justin bieber hate for a girl?
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What Do Justin Bieber Hate In A Girl?

Justin Bieber loves all his beliebers but hates it when a girl lies in a relationship

What names does Justin Bieber hate?

Well.... justin bieber hates the names Ashley,Lucy,Jessica,Rachael and Caroline.

Is Justin Bieber a Girl magnet?

A lot of girls love Justin Bieber and a lot hate him. So kinda

Did jb get plastic surgery like a girl?

No. Justin Bieber is not a girl, so you people who hate Justin Bieber need to stop hating because you only hate him for his personality being better than yours.

Where does a walking fern grow?

I hate Justin Bieber he sucks and he is like a girl.

What celebertity should go out with justin bieber?

miley not that other girl i hate her

What just Justin Bieber hate?

Justin hates a girl who wears a lot of make ups and snobbers

If a girl doesn't wear dresses is there a possibility to like to Justin Bieber?

If you don't wear dresses you could still like Justin bieber. i HATE dresses and i LOVE Justin bieber.

What does Justin bieber hate about a girl?

he hates about a girl is that they were to muck makup he loves to see natural beuty

What does Justin Bieber hate in girls?

Justin Bieber claims to like honesty and loyalty in a girl. He would likely dislike girls who don't have these characteristics.

Do you love Justin Bieber or do you hate?

I think every girl can agree we both love and hat Justin Bieber. We hate him because he goes out with other girls. And love him because he's attractive.

How many people don't like Justin bieber?

Theres over a thousand people in the world that hates Justin bieber

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