What nanotechnology do you use now?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What nanotechnology do you use now?
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Is it possible to make humans with nanotechnology?

Yes, it is possible to make humans with nanotechnology but probably not now. Maybe in around 10 years from now, so if your looking for the question" is it possible to make humans with nanotechnology right now" probably no? When they make them they are gonna use some real cells from humans.

Is nanotechnology in use in India?

nanotechnology is high demand in India or in usa.

What is the importance of nanotechnology in society?

now adays smaller is better

What is the latest technology use in construction?


Is it okay to use nanotechnology?

Yes okay

How does mascara use nanotechnology?

To suck my bawwllls

Why is nanotechnology controversial?

Unwise use of nanotechnology can be very dangerous..could cause bad reactions on different experiments.

What is the difference between nanoparticles and nanotechnology?

nanoparticles are basicly microscopic particles. Nanotechnology is the technology used to manipulate these nonoparticles for human use.

How can you use nanotechnology in construction of buildings?

Omg i don't know

Does an iPod Nano use nanotechnology?

no an ipod nano is not a ipod its an iphone

Topics related to nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology can be both be applied to health related issues and engineering. Many companies are now trying to develop this technology to help improve hospitals procedures as well as robotics.

What has the author Sang Hyun Cho written?

Sang Hyun Cho has written: 'Cancer nanotechnology' -- subject(s): Nanostructures, Methods, Neoplasms, Radiotherapy, Therapy, Diagnosis, Diagnostic use, Nanotechnology, Therapeutic use